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  1. Waxahatchee the last couple of years. Remember Sports. Sarah Borges.
  2. Morby dates Waxahatchee, who I've been musically obsessed with the past 2 years. Going to catch her a few times in the spring (opening for Isbell & the 400 something) at RR I think, but also a smaller thing or 2). No idea who the other guy is but hope you had fun.
  3. One of my favorite stand-up guys. Hilarious. I'm sure it was great....
  4. MB: I was gonna report you (and myself, for that matter) just for old times sake. Happy bday, VC.
  5. Seriously ditto,andI would not have loved RS ownership giving him the market value to lock him up. Betts is one in a million talent-wise, and it's going to be less enjoyable to root for the team for the next few prime Mookie years. Haven't been this bummed on a trade since Ruth. Heh.
  6. JUst got turned on to these folks recently. Haven't heard al ot of them, nor a lot of their originals, but love their take on "Unknown Legend" and "Patience," to name a couple.
  7. Yep. I knew he'd had health issues the last bunch of years. Left the brokedown palace, I guess.
  8. The man had a unique style. Loved seeing him in CRB and HWA. Unfortunate circumstances, too.
  9. I never did, though most of the ones I caught were school nights and I was i high school. I know people who would do both, though....Usually pretty small theaters..,,
  10. Yes. Caught a handful of these "early/late" show deals (one with Dr. John at the Beacon in NYC). It was some bullshit and a blatant way to pad their pockets. Take a regular show, cut it into two parts for two different paying crowds. Bullshit, but I still did some of them, heh.
  11. I really like the Autzen 8.22.93. Extended versions of Jack Straw and Bertha as Weir had guitar issues, great Broken Arrow, really nice H->S->Franklin's.... Also, 9.22.93 is very good, with appearances by David Murray and James Cotton. 5.27.93 Cal Expo has a great Shakedown opener and Cassidy->UJB->Cassidy that is excellent.
  12. Likely going to see Phil tonight at Red Rocks. Infamous Stringdusters opening.
  13. It is a good article, well-written, and I learned a few things (he dips?!).
  14. Sounds like a bunch or rumors to me.... I may look into this. The last FM-related thing I intentionally listened to, since owning Rumours in the 70s, was Lindsey Buckingham's Under the Skin that I stumbled upon (and liked) about a decade ago.
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