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  1. No worries, it’s 2/30/24 & expect you to be there with me!
  2. It’s really worth the wait but then I’m biased!
  3. You know my fat little fingers hit the wrong keys all the time! It’s 5/26/23!
  4. Ahh, thank you! It was mine, too! Sometimes, I need to read what I type before I submit!
  5. https://www.secretlystore.com/kevin-morby-more-photographs The digital release is 5/36/23 & the album is 10/6/23 but is available for preorder now! You can listen to This Is A Photograph II & Five Easy Pieces Revisited now on most streaming services. Thanks!
  6. It’s so awesome, the shirt is perfect and so is that location in Prospect Park in NYC! So excited for you & Kevin! How are we going to wait until 10/6?!?
  7. Kevin Morby announced today his new EP “More Photographs” a continuation with 3 reimagined songs from last year’s “This Is A Photograph” and 6 new songs! The butterfly shirt he’s wearing on the cover is a nod to “Coat of Butterflies” from TIAP and was a gift from a very special fan, Vanessa O’Mara, following his Carnegie Hall performance! Congratulations, Kevin! https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/kevin-morby-new-album-more-photographs-a-continuum-1234723163/amp/
  8. Thank you for Kevin! He & the band are in Madrid preparing for the start of the tour! The response to the album has been so positive and overwhelming, it’s amazing! He & Katie were in NYC for the release day of it & the premiere of the movie he scored, Montana Story, the same day! The reviews for it are also great! This album is very near & dear to our family and will always be special! Hope everyone loves it as much as we do!
  9. Kevin released 3rd track from upcoming new album today along with video for Random Act of Kindness. Album, This Is A Photograph, due out 5/13/22!
  10. New music & announcement tomorrow morning with live chat, 9:00 CT! https://youtu.be/hmxrnAouciM
  11. Yes, he is a very gifted writer! He was the recipient of one of the coveted internships from the NY Times and has a masters degree in journalism.
  12. Justin was also in Kevin’s band when he first went solo and moved from NYC to LA before deciding to take a break then starting his own project. He also has done freelance writing, an extremely talented guy!
  13. It’s a sculpture in a park in a small town in the Metro Kansas City area called Parkville.
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