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  1. These are spectacular!! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks Sandy! Photograph was my favorite album of 2022 so I’m excited to hear more! Cant wait for May 36!
  3. SO excited for new Kevin music!! When is this due to be released?
  4. Nice!! Wish I could have been there! Would love to see Pioneertown.
  5. Of course you’ll be there Saturday too!! See you soon! (I’m in for tonight & Sat) CAN NOT WAIT!!
  6. Happy Birthday VC!! Came here in 2004 hoping that there were others who shared my Wilco obsession. Found that of course, and much more. Donna, thanks for all you continue to do to nurture this community. VC feels like home.
  7. Great shots Donna!! Wish I could have been there. Get some sleep!
  8. There are plenty of tickets for tonight! Check here in Got Extras? And there were lots of tickets posted on Facebook too. See you there!
  9. My mom turned 90 (!!) last week, and my sister and I took her out to a nice local restaurant for dinner. Inside! It was wonderful! Great food, lots of wine, lots of hugs!! Just the 3 of us as we’re the only ones fully vaccinated, but we’re hoping for a bigger celebration in the summer when everyone else has their shots.
  10. Wow Donna, those are beautiful! Kinda green though. Are they baby bloobs? Sending you recipes! (I need one for Meyer Lemon pie)
  11. Have this beautiful bowlful of Meyer lemons, so I baked! Lemon bread with, uh, bloobs (SO good!) and Meyer lemon side with the Poppy seed muffins. Do I get points??
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