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  1. The winner. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0G63uzhFP4
  2. Rick Moranis - I Ain't Goin' Nowhere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OeCacs5oqM
  3. Sarah, I cannot fully understand your situation or imagine it. I have no idea what to say that would matter. Take a breath, hold your husband, assess, and listen to the music you love as often as you are able.
  4. During work happy hour today, the word came that the state of Florida closed schools for 2 weeks. Spring break starts Monday in our district. A week off with pay is something I, my wife and our teacher friends are all behind, though to be honest, we’d rather be teaching so our students won’t be disadvantaged. My district has said we are supposedly teaching online. That will cover the state law regarding required instructional hours and will keep downtown from being pissed that they’re paying us for sitting on our asses. “Develop creative, supplemental plans to entice your students to continue learning even though school is closed” What a shit show it will be, but I understand you have to say nonsense that will appease the masses.
  5. Doug C

    2020 Touring

    I agree, but when 2 tickets with a total face value of $55 cost $112.50 after fees, something is wrong. If the artists are getting that exorbitant fee, that’s not a way to make a living that I support. I assume Live Nation receives that money, which I’d at least understand. Tickets prices, like all products, increase over time, but fucking hell, when the fees are MORE than the ticket, that’s some bullshit. I’d prefer a higher ticket price and lower fees. When $112.50 came up as the total for 2 $27.50 tickets, I assumed that I clicked on 3 tickets instead of 2. When I realized it was accurate, I was, shall we say, displeased.
  6. Roadhouse, Sturgill did leave it all out there. I don't know if the suit survived the sweat. I agree that the advance qualification system Sturgill used was a better way to buy tickets. I too was glad I said something, but relieved that it didn't escalate. I'd have been a Neil Young song.
  7. Yes. Loud. I'm certain I attended louder concerts in my youth, but it was easily the loudest show I've attended in at least 20 years. Tyler Childers was excellent. He had 75 minutes and made the most of it, keeping the banter to a minimum and playing 16 songs. Loved him. Definitely want to see him headline so he can slow it down a bit, plus play a few more. Fantastic band. Sturgill played all of Sound & Fury, then 12 more, mostly from Metamodern... and A Sailors.... He did play Some Days from Hightop Mountain, plus 3 choice covers. He was into putting on a show. I knew he could play guitar, but, live it's clear he's top drawer. He had an excellent band just keys, bass and drums. He was in fine voice and the emotion came through. They all wore orange "Nudie"-style suits, but definitely brought the rock. I was glad he played Sound & Fury in order, a few shows he's mixed them up. I was concerned that a big portion of the crowd might not be into it, but all in all, the sold out arena crowd was appreciative. After a blow the roof off, SNL version good, Call To Arms, the show was over. No encore. I found it appropriate. 2 excellent voices made for a great night of music. It was definitely worth the drive from Tampa to the Atlanta area. The only downside was not unexpected at a Sturgill/Tyler show, some in the crowd were not my type of folks, which rolled off my back, except one instance. The bathroom had a very long line. Invariably, someone made a crack about the coronavirus. Then a guy 3 people behind me in line replied, "Keep away from the Asians". Before I could stop, I loudly said, "What the fuck?", looked at him and shook my head. Incredibly enough, that was the end of it. No one said anything more. Thanks for asking and enjoy the Boston show.
  8. Doug C

    2020 Touring

    I decided on 2 lawn tickets for ATL. I was very pleasantly surprised they were $27.50 each, plus fees.The final price? $112.50. No. Oh, and fuck you.
  9. Sturgill Simpson with Tyler Childers opening. Damn, are we excited!
  10. Trump tweeted insults to Bloomberg about wasting money and called him "Mini Mike". Bloomberg tweeted back Obi-Wan and Darth Vader dueling with light sabers "See you soon, Donald" Lame. You're out of the race, have $60 billion and you're pushing 80. Tweet back "Fuck you, Mushroom Dick". I'm serious. Why does Bloomberg give a shit? It would gain him many new fans.
  11. Nice! The current band is excellent, but imagine if he recruited Mike Heidorn, the Boquists, and Eric Heywood for this.
  12. I apologize for making you think that. I've had a rushed day and am probably feeling a bit inferior. My fault entirely. I agree re Flint. What a gesture that would have been.
  13. Haha! Pardon my laughter. It's just that we both seem to understand the issue and the 11th court makeup, etc., but we are expressing it differently. Regardless of court rulings, any multi-billionaire could make certain Florida felons that want to vote can do so by paying all fines and costs that the legislature requires. It would be a drop in the bucket for them. As soon as the legislature interpreted the meaning of Amendment 4, I said that the uber-wealthy should just pay the fines.
  14. Yes they did. I live in Tampa and am watching closely. The governor is appealing. We'll see what happens. As you said earlier, it's the lower courts that do a large part of the work.
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