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  1. Thanks! I plan on getting there in time, just wanted to let him know.
  2. For people that have gone to previous shows: The start time is listed as 5:30 PM on the Toyota Park for this Friday, about what time do you think MMJ will go on? I have a friend that needs to know what time to leave work that is okay with missing Richard Thompson.
  3. I just realized I started this thread 5 years ago and I still don't have an invite. Anybody?
  4. Some off the top of my head: Wings Middle Brother Diamond Rugs Mono Puff The Raconteurs
  5. So I have a friend there who has seen Wilco 10 times and they still haven't played Misunderstood for him. I'm thinking it's going to be 11...
  6. I'm sure you're right. They really should just play through the fireworks. I think it's about that time in their career - maybe a pyro-filled version of Jesus, etc?
  7. This sounds great. Can't wait until Forecastle
  8. I've always wanted to check out more Glen Campbell but picking an album or 2 from his huge catalog is a little intimidating. I pretty much only know the hits, and not very many of them. Any recommendations?
  9. For my money, the Absent Lovers live album is one of the best of all time: http://www.allmusic.com/album/absent-lovers-live-in-montreal-1984-mw0000039328 You should definitely check it out.
  10. "look no further than the obscene number of "Skrillex guitar cover" videos on YouTube!" Using that criteria, I wonder what number Super Mario Bros came in at?
  11. They admit that Skrillex never touched a guitar, but of the millions of people that have, he is the 100th best to ever do it. That kind of inclusion is meant to stir up some controversy and nothing else. I'm also kind of confused by what they are focusing on - if they are focusing on everything Lou Reed and forward, how are Robert Fripp and Frank Zappa included? Some great names on the list, but Skrillex ruins it and robs it of any credibility whatsoever.
  12. Those albums are my go-to gift for all new babies along with the Beatles Rockabye cd
  13. For instance - I said They Might Be Giants. Most people think of Istanbul or the Animaniacs when they hear about that band and don't realize two of the greatest songwriters to ever live are in the band. So they are overlooked for what they really have to offer.
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