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  1. Three in A4 row 10. Pretty happy. Passed on pit. Way too long of a day to be camped out on a postage stamp.
  2. Sunday was an absolutely perfect day. Drove down from Milwaukee with a couple of friends (we all got a free pass from the wives-I always get one, they don't). We were about 20 people deep from the stage for the whole day. I was so grateful that it wasn't like last week's weather. Very comfortable. Not too crowded. Loved the setlist. It was fun that they got things rocking right away. Art of Almost was a highlight for me. What a great tune to see live. I bet they could draw it out to 15 minutes if they were given the time. We had great friends around us too. I have a tendency to fly
  3. That doesn't help much as I'm not going to a baseball game. The last time I checked, fans were not on the field during baseball games. I'm guessing cameras are a no, but what about blankets and chairs????
  4. I'd like to know if I can bring chairs, a cooler, camera, etc. I've looked everywhere for information. Very excited for this show.
  5. Another good setlist. Liked the Black Bull Nova-Black Moon. Maybe it's just me, but I'm finding the first encores (second set) to be kind of a letdown. They could be a bit more epic Spiders (Kidsmoke) needs to be added. Theologians too. They obviously have a huge catalog, but I think they're overplaying the new album a bit. I'm sure other will disagree. Super Nick Lowe set
  6. Just read that the band brought people from obstructed view seats in Minneapolis up to the front. Same thing happened in Milwaukee. Six people who were sitting in the very last row of the balcony were brought to the front row right in front of Nels (and also in front of me). This band is special for sure.
  7. Eight off the album. I guess that's pretty standard.
  8. Ya think??? I thought it was a great show. Too much The Whole Love. Can't Stand It, Misunderstood, and Far Far Away were highlights.
  9. It was a great show but the heavy hand with The Whole love left me flat at times. Like the album a lot, but eight track is a little bit overkill. Loved the handful of rarities. Highlight were the opening five which I had predicted in that order Far, Far Away and Can't Stand It.
  10. I have a signed copy of Vol II as well as a signed copy of DeadBase VIII. I didn't know they were worth anything.
  11. No crying here. I had two tapers in back of me on the floor on 4/14 (and one on 4/15). I'm still waiting on the Dec 28th My Morning Jacket show from the Chicago Theater
  12. It looks like every other show is available at bt.etree.org.
  13. Word about Minneapolis. I went to grad school there. Rainbow is amazing. So is Seafood Palace, Shuang Cheng, Ruam Mit in St. Paul, and Yangtze. I miss Chicken w/Nuts from Yangtze, Black Bean dumplings from Rainbow, and salt baked lobster, crab, or shrimp from Seafood Palace. Boy have I digressed.
  14. Milwaukee has a large Latino community. There are wonderful Mexican restaurants all over the Southside. http://www.milwaukeemagazine.com/currentIs...MessageID=24066
  15. Skip the Safe House. If coming from the south, hit Koz's Mini Bowl for a drink and then Conejitos for some cheap mexican food and margaritas.
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