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  1. This popped up on the Nugs.net webcast tonight.
  2. I covered all five 2014 Winterlude shows for Glide Magazine. I break it all down in the article, which is linked below. They played 100 different songs over five nights. 2014 Incredibly Shrinking Tour Song Recap
  3. I must admit that I was bummed that the show began with the same three songs that began Thursday, but there isn't anything fans can do about the makeup of the setlist each night. I think we all can agree that we would love to see the band mix it up. They certainly have the song catalog to do so. It does make you wonder why they don't mix it up more. It might have something to do with the fact that they don't rehearse as much as they used to. The band will play what they want, when they want. I was lucky enough to have scored front row seats Nels side and thoroughly enjoyed watching him play
  4. I loved the opening segment of Normal American Kid, If I Ever was a Child, Cry All Day and Radio Cure. I wasn't at Wednesday night, but the band definitely sounded rested and ready to go. I will say that it was a bummer to have 10 repeats from the night before.
  5. William Tyler is on the bill for some shows before Chicago, so that is definitely a possibility. I would love to see him sit in with the band on an electric version of Spiders. Kurt Vile is most likely out of the picture because of his Lollapalooza set. Regardless, I'm pumped for this show.
  6. Interesting. You would think they could come up with a different arrangement of some kind. I mean they are all pretty talented.
  7. Does anyone know of a reason why Wilco hasn't play Sunloathe live?
  8. Despite the fact that Pearl Jam is playing Wrigley Field, the day before and the day after the show, I think it's highly unlikely that they would be opening for Wilco. I'm not even sure what the band thinks of Pearl Jam in general. But that would be an amazing double bill. They would almost have to play under an alias because it would undoubtedly create chaos downtown. $95 for a headlining show is awfully steep. I know they band could go many directions with multiple openers and sit ins, but one can dream! Who would you like to see open this show?
  9. I really hope the new album leans in the folk direction.
  10. I was able to score ticket for the show, but I was not a fan of the method. I wasn't a fan of picking an individual section rather than the number of tickets and the best available seats. I would imagine they will be adding a second show to meet demand, but who knows.
  11. I thought the crowd was especially obnoxious last night. But as always the show was awesome.I was really hoping someone would've requested Via Chicago, but maybe next year.
  12. Sounds good. If any help is wanted/needed, I would gladly help. Thanks!
  13. I would love to contribute and revive Wilcobase and keep it updated. It is a great tool for ALL Wilco fans.
  14. For not being a sentimental guy, Jeff was very emotional last night. Thought it was very classy that he thanked all past members of Wilco including Jay Bennett. I definitely have a Wilco hangover!
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