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  1. It's been too long... Ready for a good show tonight.
  2. Rob


    I think the site is back up. It was fairly broken due to the hosting provider updating the PHP version. Let me know if you see any issues.
  3. Rob


    Humm, not sure what happened.... I'm looking into it. I haven't been updating the site with new content, but I wanted to keep it online.
  4. Ok, the site has been updated with recent setlists. Check it out and let me know if you see any problems (e-mail to feedback@wilcobase.com). Upcoming show calendar will be added soon. And yeah, I'm considering adding a paypal button for donations. I'm not really looking to make money off this, just to cover the hosting and domain registration costs.
  5. Stay tuned... I'm currently working on getting the recent setlists added to wilcobase as well as a way to automate the updates. As was mentioned here, it's really about finding time to work on this. Right now I have some time, so hopefully if I can get it automated I can lessen the maintenance time needed for future updates.
  6. Wilcobase.com is still there, and will be for awhile. Just no new content. The setlist data has been handed over to WilcoHQ, and they have been working on integrating it with the main wilcoworld site. The other non-setlist content is up in the air, I can continue to host it for awhile, I just don't have the time to update it anymore. When I started the site it was a fun, learning experience. Once the site was established and running, it became a chore to keep it updated. Factor in a busy day job, and the site didnt get updated. Hopefully the data has found a new home, and will contin
  7. Well, its not an iphone app, but I put together a couple of pages for a "mobile" version of wilcobase. m.wilcobase.com Right now, it just shows you the 50 most recent shows along with a page for their setlists. So far I've only been able to test w/ the Android emulator. Looks good on there, but if someone can try this out w/ an iphone and let me know if it looks ok, that would be great. Here's a couple of screenshots to show what it should look like: I'd also welcome any suggestions. I'd like to keep things basic, but some other things I plan on adding are: * being able to view
  8. Rob


    Sorry, it's not possible to do that. I just don't have the time to work on the site much these days. If I ever get back into it, that would be one feature I'd like to add.
  9. Yeah, I've thought about this as well... I'd like to get into development for the iphone, but since I'm on Windows, and don't have an iphone, I'm kinda locked out... If there was enough interest, maybe we could work something out to incorporate this with the official Wilco app. No need to have a separate app just for setlists...
  10. I've been updating wilcobase with some of the older shows thanks to A-Man and his efforts of uploading shows to Owl & Bear... I've come across this show, and there's an "unknown" song that's played for 1:30, then stopped.... Is it a cover? Anyone know this song? (Disc 2, Track 8) Setlist TXT file FLAC download Disc 2, Track 8
  11. I've got alot of misc. artwork hosted here: http://wilcobase.com/bm/other/artwork/ * Outtaprint/Outtasite Vol 1&2 * Someone Else's Song (The Covers Project) * Non-Album Tracks 1994-2002 (Disc 1-3) If anyone has any misc. artwork that isn't there, I'd be happy to host it... just e-mail me feedback AT wilcobase DOT com
  12. Rob


    Thanks to A-Man, this effort is well underway. You will now see links to Owl & Bear under the setlists for shows that are available there.
  13. Rob


    After contacting Owl&Bear, I got the go ahead to link to the live show recordings from Wilcobase. I can handle the etree stuff, I'll get it setup so it's fully automated. However, I could use a hand getting the information needed to link Wilcobase to Owl&Bear. If you're up for it, here's what I need - A listing that has 2 fields, seperated by a comma. The first field would be the Wilcobase page for a show, and the second would be the Bear&Owl page for the same show. Here's an example for the April 24, 1995 Wilco show: http://wilcobase.com/event.php?event_key=214, http://ow
  14. http://wilcobase.com/misc.php
  15. Rob


    Yeah, I've seen crowesbase.com, in fact, that was of the sites that I looked at when starting Wilcobase.com. That site and deadbase.com were two of the main sites I looked at for ideas about what search/sort features to add to wilcobase. I think wilcobase is linked in pretty good with the lyrics site. I don't see that much different with the way it's on crowesbase. As far as linking to the Wilco Live Show archive, That would be totally doable. It could be something similar to the way I link shows on wilcobase to shows on etree. See the bottom of this page: http://wilcobase.com/event.ph
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