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  1. She is pretty cool. Great performance. Good stage presence too. Patti Smith Cover - Redondo Beach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th9_0PqpRgE
  2. Heroes Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBiiFplMWls
  3. 11/14/73 San Diego Sports Arena --- Might not be the "best" but is a great 2nd set. Truckin > The Other One > Big River > The Other One > Eyes > The Other One > Wharf Rat ......
  4. Radiolab TED Radio Hour This American Life Snap Judgement (sometimes good ?) Freakonomics A Way with Words Stuff You Should Know WTF!!! (Lets get Jeff some time in the garage!)
  5. While you are at it - check out the night before at The Rupp Area. Nice show. 1978 is a fine year. Though you have to weed thru the hits and misses. When its a hit --- its out of the park.
  6. Happy Birthday! Jerry. Your friends are still playing some good music. Hope you can hear.
  7. Longest: 875 mile to Portland, Or from Cambria, CA ---- with 2 young kids - Grandma/Babysitter in Portland. Shortest: Same trip - Grandma's/Babysitter's house to Roseland Ballroom - 7 blocks Long drive. Short walk. Great show! Second row right behind Sarah C who provided the photos posted on the web. Forgot to say thank you back then (2004). Thank you.
  8. The Other One was a nice watch. I would recommend to other ones too. Quick question - Who was playing bass with Bob during the closing credits? He looked like the same guy playing bass with Billy Idol on the Guitar Center Sessions.
  9. Bill the Drummer still having fun. Hope it puts a smile on your face. Enjoy. Bill Kreutzmann, Grateful Dead Drummer, Joins Street Musician In San Francisco (And No One Noticed) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/04/07/bill-kreutzmann-street-musician-san-francisco_n_7014914.html
  10. Grateful Dead/Jerry Bands - 43.5 Wilco - 3 Dylan - 3 Neil - 2 Cass McCombs -2
  11. Oooooh I wish I was your mother I wish I'd been your father 'n then I would have seen you Would have been you as a child Played houses with your sister And wrestled with all your brothers And then who knows I might have felt a family for a while Ian Hunter
  12. Its a little rough. Still needs some work. But its a start. Feel free to help out. Crack a Smile Jeff Tweedy (Jandek Cover) Capo 1 Intro: D F#m Bm Make [?] me with it [?] D F#m Bm It's all a game of Sunday fortune G In your eye Bm Crack a smile G Bm D Fortune frowns on your bad heart Bm D Bm Can you bless them, will you Gmj7 Bm D With a curse of a doubt G Bm D Crack a smile C#m Bm D Don't let your fortune fail you
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