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  1. If these are still available, I'll take them! Send me a message.
  2. I am looking for 1 ticket to the Metro show in Chicago. I got only 1 ticket but would love to take my girlfriend along. Everyone here has always been very kind and I'm hoping for a little more of that love! Thanks!!!!
  3. I am in need of 2, 3 or 4 tickets for the Detroit show. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. Great show, looking forward to tonight! Cars Can't Escape would be a real treat
  5. These shows are a little different than typical shows. Jeff's wife Sue takes song requests from people who stand in line all day. I've attended these shows for the last three years and that's the way its worked every other year. If you want to hear a certain song, get in line very early.
  6. bcart12

    Tweedy Solo

    Just got my tickets today. Going to both and I can't wait.
  7. bcart12

    Tweedy Solo

    Every year they have had tiered ticket pricing. Sue will give us all the info once it's ready. Just be patient folks.
  8. I have two extra tickets for the right balcony row P. Obviously for face and tickets are being mailed so I can send out once I get them. I ended up getting some better seats in public onsale.
  9. bcart12

    Tweedy Solo

    Very excited for these. Makes living in Chicago in the winter a bit more bearable. Thanks Sue and Jeff!
  10. bcart12

    Tweedy Art

    So I made a compilation of Tweedy material a while back and wanted some artwork for my iTunes. I took a stab at photoshop and made the following: Every time I listen to the mix and the artwork is up, I laugh. Figured I'd share. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone
  11. Great info, thanks! I need to do some research on the Old Town School. I live right near there and might be something cool to get involved in. I must be honest and say I was a bit disappointed to hear Jeff wasn't on lead vocal but oh well. I'm sure it was beautiful. That song has a lot on meaning for me on many levels. It's a song I want to be played at my funeral (morbid, sorry). Thanks again for the info.
  12. Any luck on this locke? Some of the charity downloads from Wilco have been at 192k.
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