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  1. He's right on top of the mic, so it's a mechanical issue. Maybe it's what's being picked up on the stream. I was there for Jeff's show, and you could hear him just fine, so I think it's in the transmission. It's gotten (a little) better as the performance proceeds.
  2. That has to go down as one of the classic moments of LRS history. Did she leave a bruise?
  3. Great performances by everyone!!! I did not realize this group had so much closet talent. Karen was stressing to me in the kitchen before the show and I told her: (1) Jeff is incredibly gracious and not the least bit intimidating; (2) after the first two chords, everything you do will be perfect; (3) nothing will go the way you planned it, so don't even expect that; and (4) [as Jeff actually advised Kevin], get it out of the way early, becasue you will enjoy the show so much more Jeff used Karen's harmonica rack because his guitar tech had apparently vice-gripped one end of his with pli
  4. That really was the question of the evening. So good to see so many of my pals! Edie and Wendy David and Anna are about my favorite people in the whole world and it was so good to see you after a year of absence and I promise I will play my steel guitar for you before I die. Maureen came to our show last year, but it was so good to meet Erik and see your lovely home. Too many people to thank, not the least of which being Sue and Jeff who did a remarkable show after recording all day (although I was a little miffed he wouldn't give us a hint of what they were doing after two requests
  5. I was sitting immediately next to Kathy. After the song finished, Matt started to kneel and I said to myself: "Holy Shit, he's going to propose to her; I'd better get out of here FAST" (as the flashbulbs began to pop). I retreated back to Sue and Mark by the pinball machine and waited until I was sure I wouldn't spoil their perfect moment with pictures of my ugly mug in the background.
  6. In 2002, a group from the Old Town School played the after party for the premier of "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" at The Hideout in Chicago and the entire band (of what was then Wilco) joined us for a set. Apart from that, I am not aware of any other instance when another band member joined Jeff in playing with mere mortals. These LRS shows are something Jeff does (or did) for a charity sponsored by one of Sue's friends. It probably wouldn't be fair to drag in another band member. They are aware that he does them, though. One year, on the date that Jeff was doing the Winnetka show, G
  7. The "problem" is that Jeff is very relaxed and candid during these shows. I guess that's why people pay what they do to be entertained by one. Accordingly, he says a lot of things (like commentary about various artists or political themes) that might be "misconstrued" or otherwise used against him. You should see the looks that Sue sometimes gives him during these things Anyway, if somebody ever released a completely edited version that consisted only of the performance, I doubt he'd care, but the "formal" deal with him is that the recorded version is only to be distributed to those in a
  8. A lot of people in the Wilco Ensemble also participate from time to time in the Grateful Dead Ensemble at the Old Town School. We picked this song because it segues directly from "Ripple" on the American Beauty album (and also because it has pedal steel, and is just generally an incredibly beautiful song). The instructor from the G.D. Ensemble (who is good friends with the Tweedys) was there and did the lead vocal, but Jeff sang harmonies and handled all the chord changes. He was clearly familiar with the song. Jeff said that "Grateful Dead fans are the reason why Wilco fills stadiums."
  9. Jeff said (I don't know if he was kidding) that Spencer would do next year's auction. I told Sue that Spencer should pick 30 songs, we'd learn them, then go over to their house and do the show. I'd never spent any significant time with Spencer before, but he is the most well-mannered, articulate, and talented 14-year old I have ever met. I loved his banter with Jeff. Examples: Ken: "Jeff, do you want another guitar stand?" Jeff: "Sure, if you've got one." Spencer: "You're a stand hog." Jeff (explaining why he brought the particuar axes of the evening): "All my other guitars are o
  10. Here's the setlist: Cissy Strut Say You Miss Me The Long Cut The Late Greats (Kicking Television version) Sonny Feeling One By One Sin City Wheels Country Disappeared At My Window Sad And Lonely Remember The Mountain Bed What's The World Got In Store Sky Blue Sky Ripple Brokedown Palace Give Back The Key To My Heart Happy Birthday (a capella, for Aimee, Andrew and Amy) Joe DiMaggio Done It Again Simple Twist Of Fate Fatal Wound Poor Places Hell Is Chrome Handshake Drugs You & I Lost Love Can't Keep From Talking Magazine Called Sunset Misunderstood Gun The Last Time All played with some
  11. If you want to propose to your girlfriend and have Jeff Tweedy serenade you, go the the Letters For Santa Auction at Second City in Chicago in December. He did exactly that for a couple two years ago. I forget what song he played, but the cost was $500 donated to the charity.
  12. If I'd known there was going to be a 4th group, I wouln't have pitched in $5K for one verse of "Sin City"
  13. IMHO, this has nothing to do with Wilco. This event is something Sue does for her friend Heather, and even though it's the biggest dollar draw by far for the event, it's a real pain for Jeff to manage with all his other commitments. He went from doing one show the first year to three the next couple to four last year and back to three this year. OK if you've got nothing better to do, but with all his touring and recording, it's just too much. I suspect that in the future there will be a "private" auction. Sue knows who sponsors these things. I believe she will arrange for an "appropriate
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