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  1. are these shows going down to $50 for balcony like last year
  2. Tonight at the 24 hour second city benefit show it was announced that this was the last year Jeff was doing the show. Just makes me wonder of the mortality of Wilco. Your thoughts ?
  3. spagett

    UIC Chicago

    im going tomorrow and have ga tix so i need to time my arrival perfectly. can someone tell me what time the doors open please ?
  4. I went to the milwaukee shows at the pabst from this tour they played it there.
  5. 1. At least thats what you said Can't narrow down a list after that but ALTWYS is def the best song they have ever written.
  6. i dont know if youve actually listened to the new albums but they dont even use nels like that. sure he has like 2 solos on imposs and side with but hes just backround noise. They use him unfortunately like a GD pinch hitter.
  7. every song on this album needs more bars of anything involving emotion
  8. sometimes i cant even listen to studio versions of some songs because the live ones are so much better.
  9. i too am having trouble with their email and never got the password. if anyone can help that would be great
  10. where did you see that ? and did it say when they are going on sale ?
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