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  1. Given how much Glenn sweats when he performs, endorsing faucets seems like a pretty good play. Fire sprinklers might be even more appropriate.
  2. Holy moly. That sounds pretty damn great, especially for a set that started with Dawned on Me.
  3. I posted a small clip of Suzanne here yesterday - http://viachicago.org/topic/49164-americanarama-14-molson-canadian-amphitheatre-toronto-ont-71513/page-3?do=findComment&comment=1531639 I agree Jeff and Leslie really nailed the vocals. IIRC Nels and RT played alternating solos - it was amazing. Unfortunately I don't have all of it, I was trying not to arouse the ire of the security dudes.
  4. I have the last verse of Suzanne on a clip posted here: http://youtu.be/kWPLyb5cPSw Sorry for the fuzzy distance, but the audio is decent. Wish I'd kept it running for the rest of Nels'/RT's soloing.
  5. Cinnamon Girl was well done, they seemed to be having fun and it was the set closer. And a guitar fest, as you'd imagine. Vocally I could hear Jim and Jeff better on Oh What A Beautiful City, which was...well, beautiful! And seemed like a fitting tribute to Woody, even tho it's a Seeger tune. (someone here mentioned it was Woody's bday this past Sunday...so that's how I interpreted it) I can't say I was hugely impressed with Blowin' In The Wind, either as a collaboration or a finale. But I think that's down to Dylan's complete overhaul of the song, which only his band members seemed familiar
  6. That was a fun night, pretty decent performances all around. After the longer than expected MMJ set I thought we might get closer to 2 hrs of Wilco, but no dice. Wilco played a relaxed/lively set with a nice smattering of YHF stuff (and I love when they open with a Guthrie tune). We sat smack in the middle of the amp and I thought the crowd was pretty into it from Poor Places on. Toronto crowds are always a weird mix of dancing drunks, cellphone posers, and uptight music nerds. I wasn't drunk, but after dancing with my friend to I Got You, the people behind predictably asked us to sit down. An
  7. It looks like I won't be able to make it. Message me asap if you're looking for a good deal on tickets...
  8. Man, I was stupidly depressed when I posted this thread. (collectively the most hated VC poll ever?) Anyway, I'm generally a latecomer to most great music, but wanted to add Win Butler to the list, 'cause sometime in 2010 I finally gave Arcade Fire a shot and soon realized that even with only two records and an EP in the 2000's, they said a mouthful. And then they made The Suburbs, which was insanely great as a whole, even if it had no really epic songs.
  9. I used to feel the same way, before I started getting into Arcade Fire. AF don't have the same level of individual talents, but, for me they have the same level of creativity and integration, and less of a studio/produced sound than either RH or Wilco.
  10. I picked up the deluxe package in Germany last week. My early impressions are good, but not overwhelmingly positive. I haven't been following the board much, but I agree that John's bass work is sounding terrific. There are more Beatlesque tracks than I expected, two or three at least. The recording quality is quite good. Open Mind is easily the most frustrating song in years- wonderful melody, banal lyrics. But that's just me. The thing with music critique is that it's completely useless unless there's a context, i.e. it's the word of someone close to you who happens to share your tas
  11. I take it you forgot the sarcasm tags?? SBS holds up really well for me, I always liked it. It came in a year that had quite a number of great records though.
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