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  1. Given how much Glenn sweats when he performs, endorsing faucets seems like a pretty good play. Fire sprinklers might be even more appropriate.
  2. Holy moly. That sounds pretty damn great, especially for a set that started with Dawned on Me.
  3. I posted a small clip of Suzanne here yesterday - http://viachicago.org/topic/49164-americanarama-14-molson-canadian-amphitheatre-toronto-ont-71513/page-3?do=findComment&comment=1531639 I agree Jeff and Leslie really nailed the vocals. IIRC Nels and RT played alternating solos - it was amazing. Unfortunately I don't have all of it, I was trying not to arouse the ire of the security dudes.
  4. I have the last verse of Suzanne on a clip posted here: http://youtu.be/kWPLyb5cPSw Sorry for the fuzzy distance, but the audio is decent. Wish I'd kept it running for the rest of Nels'/RT's soloing.
  5. Cinnamon Girl was well done, they seemed to be having fun and it was the set closer. And a guitar fest, as you'd imagine. Vocally I could hear Jim and Jeff better on Oh What A Beautiful City, which was...well, beautiful! And seemed like a fitting tribute to Woody, even tho it's a Seeger tune. (someone here mentioned it was Woody's bday this past Sunday...so that's how I interpreted it) I can't say I was hugely impressed with Blowin' In The Wind, either as a collaboration or a finale. But I think that's down to Dylan's complete overhaul of the song, which only his band members seemed familiar
  6. That was a fun night, pretty decent performances all around. After the longer than expected MMJ set I thought we might get closer to 2 hrs of Wilco, but no dice. Wilco played a relaxed/lively set with a nice smattering of YHF stuff (and I love when they open with a Guthrie tune). We sat smack in the middle of the amp and I thought the crowd was pretty into it from Poor Places on. Toronto crowds are always a weird mix of dancing drunks, cellphone posers, and uptight music nerds. I wasn't drunk, but after dancing with my friend to I Got You, the people behind predictably asked us to sit down. An
  7. Man, I was stupidly depressed when I posted this thread. (collectively the most hated VC poll ever?) Anyway, I'm generally a latecomer to most great music, but wanted to add Win Butler to the list, 'cause sometime in 2010 I finally gave Arcade Fire a shot and soon realized that even with only two records and an EP in the 2000's, they said a mouthful. And then they made The Suburbs, which was insanely great as a whole, even if it had no really epic songs.
  8. I used to feel the same way, before I started getting into Arcade Fire. AF don't have the same level of individual talents, but, for me they have the same level of creativity and integration, and less of a studio/produced sound than either RH or Wilco.
  9. I picked up the deluxe package in Germany last week. My early impressions are good, but not overwhelmingly positive. I haven't been following the board much, but I agree that John's bass work is sounding terrific. There are more Beatlesque tracks than I expected, two or three at least. The recording quality is quite good. Open Mind is easily the most frustrating song in years- wonderful melody, banal lyrics. But that's just me. The thing with music critique is that it's completely useless unless there's a context, i.e. it's the word of someone close to you who happens to share your tas
  10. I take it you forgot the sarcasm tags?? SBS holds up really well for me, I always liked it. It came in a year that had quite a number of great records though.
  11. Shhh. Jeff and some friends will be supporting Feist at a small show next month, you can enter a contest to win tickets here. http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/general2/2011/09/06/feist-contest-win-a-pair-of-tickets-to-see-her-feisty-ness-in-concert/ I'm just posting this for the good juju, and because no one reads this topic anyway. But I will win the tickets!!
  12. Zoya turned out to be such a lame caricature. Good riddance! (err, I hope she doesn't come back) Now that the operation got cleaned out, maybe the last few episodes will make the season half interesting. This season was sorely lacking in any kind of...tension. Not to mention violence.
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