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  1. I hope something exciting happens.
  2. I love them. How does this make everyone feel?
  3. I'm upset that These Are My Twisted Words and The Present tense are nowhere to be found. And that this sounds nothing like either of them.
  4. Sounds like they made a bunch of songs and then hit the "R3MIX!!!" button. It will of course take a while. Ghost is great, Separator grew on me. So did Codex. On first listen I was put off by how Yorke-y it was. And it's a little to blippy/electronica/trip-hoppy for me to fall in love with it yet. I'm sure it will be a grower. If not I'll just listen to Kid A, Ok Computer, The Bends, and In Rainbows all day and be happy.
  5. he knew you were coming and wanted to upset you
  6. I'm excited for the recording. and unfortunately, no i was not whistling to "one wing."
  7. I'll be there i'm quite excited. is it just jeff?
  8. would love to read this.
  9. http://lazysupper.com/?p=986 the wizard of oz, rocky horror picture show, rosemary's baby, the dirty dozen are among them. forgive me if this is old news to people.
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