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  1. This is still available. I really need to mail it no later than Thursday morning to ensure it arrives on time, so anyone who’s interested please let me know ASAP.
  2. I'm dealing with some health stuff and unfortunately can't make the trip to New York for the shows. I've already sold my Radio City ticket but also have a GA for Brooklyn Steel for sale, face value ($85.75). It doesn't appear that I can transfer it to you through the AXS site, but I have the hard ticket and can mail it. Let me know if you're interested.
  3. I got third row pit on Nels’ side for New York. It’s the last seat in the row, so I hope it’s not too far to the side to see. I’m thinking they might add a second show Sunday.
  4. The group Nels is playing with on March 11 will also be at Boot and Saddle in Philadelphia on March 9: https://www.arsnovaworkshop.com/events/celebrating-pat-metheny-03-09-2017
  5. It's rare I pass up a chance to see U2 (they're my other favorite band), but I knew I'd have to miss part of Solid Sound and a chance to hang out with friends I don't get to see too often to go. It was a tough decision, though! I remember probably about 10 years ago the Edge and his guitar tech Dallas were spotted at a Nels show. I'll be scanning the VIP sections at Mass MoCA on Saturday! I'm doing GA for the Philadelphia show and got a seat for Pittsburgh, so I'll be able to get my fill of U2 in my home state. I'm really hoping for Courtney Barnett and Deerhoof. It would also be cool to s
  6. Sorry, but no matter how you prefaced this post, it was clearly directed at me. Unfortunately, I don't have bottomless pockets, and during the school year it's extremely difficult for me to travel for shows if I have to teach the next morning. Philadelphia is a much easier two hour trip for me than DC is for reasons I don't feel obligated to get into here. I've always had to travel to see Wilco and gladly do so when it's feasible. I'd like to see them in a city that, by the time the tour happens, they won't have played for a few months shy of six years. If that makes me entitled, or not as har
  7. If they skip Philadelphia (yet again), I'm not going to get to see them. DC isn't feasible for me because I have to teach early the next morning. I know they can't play everywhere on every tour, but their last non-festival show there was 2010. From the comments on their Facebook posts, I can tell I'm not the only one who's frustrated.
  8. The heck with Europe. They haven't played a full-length, non-festival show in Philadelphia since 2010!
  9. I don't think it was lack of effort as much as it was probably being overwhelmed by the number of questions and wanting to do as much as he could in the little time he had. He's also not really a big technology guy. His social media accounts are mostly if not entirely run by his publicists. It's just not his thing. I asked him once why he wasn't on Facebook, and he said something like "If I joined Facebook, it's all I would ever do! I would just lay in bed all the time with my laptop!"
  10. A reminder (because I almost forgot!) that our league draft is at 4:30 EST today.
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