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  1. The narrative has been established: only white Americans can be racist. All Republicans are racists, fascists, misogynists and warmongers. All Democrats are pinkos who hate America and want to abort babies. It makes it so much easier for the parties to garner votes when they demonize their opponents instead of addressing the important issues. Presidential candidates aren't the only people who can "damage our culture." I live in a city which is 2/3 Hispanic. If someone chants "Hillary" in my presence is it a racist act? When I was in high school it was common for opposing crowds of blac
  2. Emboldening racists and xenophobes to spew hatred, explicitly condoning political violence Nothing new under the sun. Trump didn't invent such things, nor is he the only person who can be accused of such things.
  3. Last night my neighbor and I had a few beers and watched last summer's Hyde Park show and it was pretty good, but man do I wish Pete would strap on an SG again.
  4. Paywalled. Illegal immigrants. There's a big distinction.
  5. When we're deporting hundreds of thousands of Mexicans who have been convicted of crimes including rape and drug offenses, no, that does not make what he said completely false. It makes it completely true. I don't care what the ratio of illegal immigrants in prison versus the general population is. I care that hundreds of thousands of criminals are crossing the border into our country. I care that they're murdering and raping and committing crime here. That doesn't make me a racist and it doesn't make Donald Trump a racist, either. Security at our southern border is a joke. And so is the g
  6. Damage to our culture? What damage are you talking about?
  7. The fact that the presidential candidate belonged to a church whose pastor peppered his sermons with anti-white messages and "God damn America" was not ridiculous. It was such a political time bomb that Obama eventually denounced the sermons and left the church. I'm sure they will. Words that have been twisted by the media and his detractors. He's said that criminals and rapists have crossed the border from Mexico and it's the truth. Every day illegal immigrants commit crimes in my city. Every single day. Last year we deported 139,000 convicted criminals and the majority of them came fro
  8. The article said that he gave his blessing to the book that it's based on. He's probably ok with it.
  9. A sequel to the Quadrophenia movie is in the works. http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/british-mod-movie-quadrophenia-sequel-8066214
  10. Pete used to wear a set of knee pads under his pants when that was part of the act. I'm surprised that a 71-year-old would even attempt it.
  11. The band wrapped up their North American tour last night in Las Vegas. Pete even attempted a knee slide during Won't Get Fooled Again (about 7:35 in the video) and then he channeled his inner Eddie Van Halen at the end of the tune. Looks like he was having fun. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhReW2FFs9Y
  12. If I recall correctly, Trump mandated spreading vaccines out over a longer period of time. I doubt there's any indication that it does any good, but that doesn't make him anti-vax.
  13. It shows her flat out lying. Even when she's given the chance to save face by saying that her views have evolved over time or that she was unable to speak truthfully due to political concerns, she digs in her heels and pretends that her views have never changed. Pure politics; she'll say anything to garner votes. In a nutshell: same old same old.
  14. I'd prefer an ambassadorship to a small nation with great beer, beautiful women and a lively music scene. Maybe Denver or Austin?
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