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  1. Is that date official? I don’t see it on summerfest or Wilco’s website. ope, see you can filter by date. Awesome.
  2. Summerfest just announced their initial lineup and Wilco is a ground stage headliner. Will have to be one of the first two weekends since the third weekend is the TBT tour dates. Haven’t seen a ground show at summerfest in 20 years but I think I’ll break my streak for this!
  3. I like that Jeff seemed relatively confident about the SK tour, but even hearing it in question has my anxiety through the roof!
  4. Trey and Mike have both been quoted as saying summer is unlikely, maybe fall, and definitely 2022. I honestly wish they would just rip the bandaid off and cancel already if its not going to happen. I was supposed to go back to Deer Creek for the first time since 2010 and it bums me out that its likely not going to happen.
  5. Got tickets to a handful of shows this summer. I'm really holding out hope for the two Wilco shows, I don't think anything else will end up happening. Chris Stapleton/Highwomen/Mavis - 7/17 Wrigley Phish - 8/6-8 Deer Creek Wilco/SK - 8/28 Chicago Wilco/Trampled by Turtles - 9/17 Green Bay
  6. Well that second paragraph is certainly some news. Hell yes.
  7. What in the world are you talking about? I am intrigued...
  8. Damn, that looks awesome. I only saw the Horse in 2012. Hopefully they're able to get that arena tour off the ground again after the pandemic subsides.
  9. Very curious if you preordered the vinyl box from NYA and actually received it? Mine hasn't shipped and I still haven't even received the DL code email, which is beyond frustrating, especially since I'm really excited to dive into this!
  10. Madcap


    A colored vinyl version of this is now available at the Wilcostore FYI. Pretty tempting.
  11. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/jeff-tweedy/2021/constellation-chicago-il-6b837a02.html
  12. Do you watch the shows through the app or through the web?
  13. Has anyone done one of the streams on bandistown to see how it works? Wish it was a one off event on YouTube or something!
  14. Yeah that was a pleasant surprise and a good strategy since I will no doubt order a lot more than $20 worth of goods when I use it haha. just finished listening to the vinyl, it sounds so damn good. Viking Dan is without question my favorite of all of the outtakes that they’ve put out on these deluxe sets.
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