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  1. Description says some unreleased mixes and demos so hopefully those are interesting.
  2. Will be my first SSF and while I am honestly fairly underwhelmed by the lineup (was hoping for someone I liked a little more than Isbell for the main non-Wilco act), I am excited to dig into some of these other bands. Have already listened to some Fenne Lily, Hailu Mergia, Ratboys and Mary Halvorsen and really am enjoying those, so hopefully the rest of my exploring will be as fruitful!
  3. Would have loved some more B-sides as he put it, but still a great show. Bowl had me absolutely mesmerized, it’s easy to forget how great of a guitar player he is sometimes.
  4. Anyone hearing a low speaker buzz throughout the show they just released? very cool historical artifact but the sound quality leaves something to be desired.
  5. Madcap


    Seems like other than special events (SSF, SBS, noted no-repeat runs, etc.) they have been fairly static since the Star Wars tours in 2015. I think I read something where Jeff said that they "curated a program" and wanted to stick to it. Kind of frustrating as someone who likes to see multiple show runs when possible, but its also kind of typical for a rock band (non-jam edition).
  6. Reserved an airbnb and bought tickets this morning. This will be my first time there (been to both SBS so far) and my first solo festival and I am pretty damn excited! Any legit lineup rumors at this point?
  7. Granted, I was in the back in the hallway, but I thought the crowd was awful. A couple of guys almost got into it during Meant to Be and the amount of full on conversations during the entire show was stunning to me. Was bummed not to get Soldier Child (and that second encore!) but overall I thought it was a really fun show and thought the new songs acquitted themselves quite well. I thought the Impossible Germany was one of the more mellow versions I've seen and attributed it to fatigue. Bird Without a Tail is so, so good.
  8. Sounds pretty cool. Those I'll Provide is on the AM reissue.
  9. Damn! Such is the downside of Chicago getting a bunch of special (Carol's, YHF, no repeat, etc.) shows instead of a property Cruel Country date.
  10. Have they been doing the Many Worlds coda after VC this tour? I had to miss the one Riv show this spring where they did it so I'm hoping to see it at the Metro next week!
  11. Was it ever revealed why they changed their name?
  12. Am curious to see if they announce an opener like the rest of the tour or not. Would be cool to get a short set of Liam Kazar, Ohmme or another "Wilco-adjacent" band before the main course.
  13. Somehow got in for 1 right away. My daughter's birthday is that day though which complicates things a bit!
  14. If I order from bandcamp I get the download which is key since Wilco stopped providing them with vinyl purchases.
  15. Hoping that the subsequent tracks are a bit weirder, but I like it. Also wish that I could order the vinyl off bandcamp. They didn't offer that for CC either and I like to stream and have the physical release!
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