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  1. If I were there, I would have been pretty annoyed that they repeated 7 CC songs since they just played the entire album the night before. That’s got to be the first time they’ve repeated songs at SS right? Seems so strange to me.
  2. Hoping for a Chicago or Milwaukee date before Madison, but I’m guessing that’s wishful thinking (pun absolutely intended).
  3. I really like that one, much more than the first track.
  4. That's exactly the kind of thing I'm thinking about that would be nice. I don't care if I have to wait for a while for the vinyl, but at least let me pre-order it off bandcamp or something so I get the download.
  5. So if I want to buy a vinyl copy I'm going to have to essentially purchase the album twice (digital and LP) unless I just wait until the actual record comes out? Lame.
  6. First couple of listens and I'm not loving it, but OTJ was a major grower for me. Hoping the album is more varied than this.
  7. One of the best Wilco shows I’ve seen in ages. YHF was such a formative album for me that I listened to so much back in the day it’s kind of easy to take for granted how damn good it is since I don’t listen to it that much anymore, but when I listen to it (or see it performed live) I’m quickly reminded that it is an absolutely incredible album. I hope that if they end up releasing a recording of these shows that they include the encore too because holy hell that was amazing too. The best versions of Pieholden and The Good Part I’ve ever heard (small sample size admittedly). I also can’t sa
  8. Very cool. Although I am assuming these tracks will be on one of the 11 LPs in the reissue set?
  9. Still available on their bandcamp (I was going to wait a but pulled the trigger just in case it sells out there too.)
  10. I have the engineer demos and the other set of demos that was floating around, but reading that Hoffman forum track by track breakdown gets me really excited for all of the other stuff that's on here that likely hasn't seen the light of day.
  11. Yeah the XRT stuff being on the cd for the 11 record set is bizarre. It’s the thing I’m least interested in, but I don’t understand it at all.
  12. 11 LPs is completely overwhelming, but I just don't see how I don't order this.
  13. I totally get the disappointment and I’m glad they started in New York and not Chicago so I have time to manage my expectations, but holy hell do I hope they play Pieholden Suite at the Chicago shows!!
  14. This is all so depressing. We've been so good and so careful and all of these unvaxxed morons are still screwing things up! We're still planning on going if it happens (which I think is a coin flip at best), but there's basically no way that the music isn't going to be affected. Somebody in some band is going to test positive and they'll either have to alter their lineup or drop out completely, which sucks because the lineup is really damn good!
  15. This does not seem to bode well for SBS, but I hope if they do cancel they at least do it before people with the pre-game nights (myself included) are flying down!
  16. It’s just a shitty situation all around. I’m starting to get worried about even being able to get there with all the flight cancellations!
  17. Short of Jeff getting sick, I don’t see any way that it gets postponed. We’re still planning on going, but at this point offering refunds to those who want it seems fair. It does make me wonder why more people didn’t buy the cancel for any reason insurance though. Even though things were looking better at the time, we were still in the middle of a pandemic.
  18. Madcap


    Looks like the Fillmore shows now too. As someone going to Sky Blue Sky, I’m selfishly very happy that they’re not risking covid so close to that. Hopefully some of the other artists that are currently scheduled to tour in the lead up follow suit.
  19. We're still going and planning on masking pretty much everywhere but the beach. The thought of getting stuck is very worrisome, but I think we'll be alright if we play it extremely safe (although I will no doubt be losing my mind when we take our exit test). I'm frankly more worried about the bands that are touring right up until the festival having to back out due to Covid than anything.
  20. We were out in Napa last week and stayed about a 2 min drive from Oxbow Market. Really cool place with great food, although I wish our timing was just a little better so we could have seen the show!
  21. My Half Life/I Can't showed up today and both songs are just awesome. Their next album could be OTJ part II and I would love it.
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