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  1. 🚨🚨🚨 Cousin (the song) is available, in full, right now! 🚨🚨🚨 This record is going to be really special 🥲
  2. Yeah I was waiting to see if they'd follow that little teaser video with another song (some folks ID'd that snippet as possibly being "Pittsburgh" using some context clues from Tweedy Show, etc.), but at this point I'd be pretty surprised if they dropped another single between now and the 29th. If they do, I'd put my money on this Friday or this coming Mon/Tues... That'll be approx. 2 weeks out from release day and IMO it wouldn't make much sense to share something any closer to the date. My Spidey Senses were correct about the Cate Le Bon involvement piece but here I'm gonna say this is
  3. I believe the the print-only review in Uncut mag is the only full Cousin record review that's been put out so far, but there have been quite a few lovely, detailed reviews of the recent shows in the UK like the one kidsmoke shared above
  4. Yes! Could probably assume this is that "sculpted art pop" record mentioned in the Aquarium Drunkard interview from the Cruel Country press cycle. I know Jeff is a big admirer of Cate Le Bon and I'd personally be thrilled if some of that influence found its way on to a Wilco record <3 "AD: Wilco was in the midst of making another record, but changed gears to make Cruel Country. What was the other record like? Jeff Tweedy: We started on a record before the pandemic and had been chipping away at it. It’s pretty sculpted art pop. It’s alien. The songs are alien shapes, maybe
  5. Spencer seemed to sort-of anti-scoop news of Jeff working to finish a Wilco album in the opening paragraph of the most recent Starship Casual post
  6. Just got my my 8-cd version and its beautiful for those that went the cd route > is there supposed to be slip/card with mp3 download info or is that meant to be emailed to you? I will cop to having bought it on @mazon to save some $$$ so that might be my issue...
  7. Hey VC’ers - coming out of hibernation again because, well… It’s Album Time! Cruel Country, ain’t it? Some of us are just hearing the record for the first time today. Others are probably waiting for various reasons (like SSF - jealous!). I, like others yet, have been listening to this record for about a week and finally have some thoughts formed on it. It’s always tough to succinctly express the range of emotions I feel when a new Wilco record gets announced/rolled-out/released/ahem..reviewed/etc. but it’s still fun to share takeaways with people who are still deeply invested in this band
  8. found it! hehe looks like kermit interviewed the band on the red carpet at the 2008 grammys (wilco bit begins around 3:45) https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/Wilco
  9. Hey all, with OTJ floating out there now (and officially arriving on Friday), I'd figured we might as well kick off some reactions. I've been posting on here since my freshman year of college (2008), and while many of you have been following the band for much longer, you still have to admit that a lot has happened in Wilcoworld over the last decade. Not to get all apocryphal on your asses, but I think we can all agree that tales of Wilco’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. I haven’t been on here as much as I was in the heady days of tracking down and downloading every taper-recorded set I
  10. He did some production work/played guitar on a couple tracks from the latest (very very very good) Parquet Courts record, "Human Performance".
  11. I've been hoping for another negative space-heavy Wilco album for quite some time and it looks like I got my wish with this one. There have been great songs on the last couple of records but I think what's been lacking a bit for me is that cohesive atmosphere for the songs to sit in. I like my Wilco weird, melancholy, and biting. Power pop mode is always a fun face for them to put on, and they're damn good at it, but I'm less likely to chew on those songs the way I would some of their more left of center stuff. A couple of listens in and I can echo others who've said its a really strong set of
  12. Nope. Nah. Take that out of here.
  13. Man, I like this track as well as anything on Star Wars. The guitar tones and fragmented production remind me a lot of SW, and it seems to be pretty clearly from the same sessions. I would really like a record full of driving, dry, noise-speckled tunes like this. That's the Wilco I've always loved : )
  14. I buy cassettes, have put out a cassette, and a lot of my friends in diy music circles do the same. For younginz without much disposable income, a $5 tape is a much easier way to support a band and take home a little tangible, physical copy than a $25 vinyl record. They almost always come with a download code as well, so you can access the record digitally. Audiophiles may well poo-poo their sound quality and general fragility, but that misses the point I think. On a personal note, I also have a tape player in my car and no disc drive on my laptop, so CD's don't make that much sense for me at
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