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  1. Here was the complete setlist, as played, for Night 5 (either Aizuri (String) Quartet and Total Pros horns or both were present on stage for entire set, though strings and horns did not play on every song): I Am Trying To Break Your Heart Kamera Radio Cure War On War Jesus, etc. Ashes Of American Flags Heavy Metal Drummer I'm The Man Who Loves You Pot Kettle Black Poor Places Reservations ---------------------------------------------- Be Not So Fearful [Bill Fay] Pieholden Suite Cars Can't Escape A Magazine
  2. OMG I can't believe they ruined this song And who's this annoying Brazilian?
  3. Seeing Wilco at the Chicago Theater was a dream and that's why I exaggerated. Besides, I bought tickets for a couple of friends and my husband who won't be able to go and I gave up the last two days because I'll have french class.So, I have a lot of extra tickets and I need to sell! I'm asking for the price I paid, I don't want to advertise on stubhub because it would be more expensive for the other fan.I live in Canada, accept PayPal and can transfer via Ticketmaster as soon as the ticket is paid. 15/DECBALC2L ROW H SEAT 205 - U$84MNFL2R ROW S SEAT 208 - U$ 101MNFL2R ROW S SEAT 210 - U$101 1
  4. When I saw the setlist I remembered that last show in Brazil immediately, of course! It was SO SPECIAL (Don't know if you noticed but Glenn wore the shirt with the Brazilian flag ;D) I never thought I'd love anything more than Glenn standing on his drums, but I loved when them all standing together! I was really emotional with the setlist, videos and reviews of this show. Maybe it's because I haven't seen Wilco for a year or because I'm facing a lot of changes in my life now... it was like watching the season finale of a tv show! And I hope that even with changes, which are always good, all
  5. How was Margaret Glaspy's set? I love her album but I've never seen her live. Hope to see her at SS2019
  6. a Yes "It's hard to believe this ever really went away" --> RIGHT? I feel very proud to have begged him to do this in Brazil and started the comeback :B "but I would say that it would be more newsworthy at this point if he didn't stand up." -> As Jeff would say: "Thanks for coming from Kansas City. Now be quiet."
  7. Paul, I love your reviews but I have one complaint: you always forget to tell if Glenn stood up in ITMWLY or not! That's very important
  8. Unfortunatelly I won't be able to attend the festival this year but If they play Summerteeth send me Pieholden Suite videos PLEASEEEEEEE
  9. I know his birthday is not today but I always think of him when people talk about St. Patrick's Day
  10. I have a theory that the chaos in the world began when he stopped this. So, THANK GOD! I am relieved, everything will go back to normal. Phew! :B
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