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  1. Dana and I had just started our weeklong vacation on Sanibel Island on Saturday... Sunday was fabulous as was Monday morning!! Today (Tuesday) AM they declared mandatory evacuation so we skedaddled up to St. Augustine - will overnight here (and then Asheville tomorrow) on our way on back to Kentucky. Sigh...
  2. “Canadian Former Obnoxious Twenty-One Year Old Confirms Vince is Right Again’l Achievement unlocked!! Cheers, eh?
  3. I will say that Stan has been keeping the volumes up pretty high lately, both indoors and out. And the Via Chicago cacophony is still there in a big way every night. Just be prepared...
  4. Not that I pay attention to these things (OK, yes I do), but during the last tour in the PNW, Bull Black Nova was on the setlist maybe 1/3 of the time. And Laminated Cat was almost always there if Nova wasn't. And for those two songs, Jeff and Nels both use a similar guitar for both songs (same tuning I suppose), each using a very well worn sunburst-like pattern Fender. So when the techs brought out those two guitars during the encore break and put them in Jeff and Nels' guitar stands, I did indeed notice. And the prominently placed black bison/bull on that night's poster was another poten
  5. I can't quite tell if BBOP's IOU for more reportage was fulfilled or not, but wanted to add a couple things from this show. Given the decidedly non-fancy locale (you could park on the street but supposedly not in the grocery store parking lot across the street) and chain-link-and-asphalt parking-lot-turned-venue, this show had the potential of being a rather loose, unique little show. And it was. "Plains" was an interesting but fitting opener, with the band packed into a small semi-temporary stage without the usual "Wilco doily" backdrop. From there, we had the usual stuff setlist-wise,
  6. Washington Pavilion Row BB, seat 11... $90 face & fees. Second row center. Will call; meet you at the venue. Yes it's next to me. No you won't have to hold up a sign. Vince
  7. Funny... less than two weeks after this show, FB tells me that the venue has been renamed as "MegaCorp Pavilion". I mean, there's capitalism, and then there's CAPITALism. Sheesh.
  8. I really, really like them. Glad to see they're starting to headline in a lot of places and expand out. Don't miss them!!
  9. I hate it here..... when @bböp's gone. Here goes. I think I can safely say that we all had a delightful evening in a brand spankin' new outdoor venue just across the river from Cincinnati OH, with a great view of the Cincy skyline, as Wilco digs in to the meat of their Cruel Country tour. It's a big wide stage, with an ample standing GA pit area; behind that some VIP/reserved tables/boxes and a couple rows of reserved seats, and then a rather small lawn "hill" behind that. Very wide, but rather shallow front to back and pretty cozy really. Covered stage but open air beyond tha
  10. Wilco... again?!? (Lobbying hard for one more Nova... )
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