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  1. Today's episode #24 is a particular favorite of mine. Check it out!
  2. William Tyler!! Nashville City Winery outdoors
  3. If you have changed your screen name since you started on VC originally, try using the latest one rather than the original one.
  4. Certainly a delightful evening, and what I'd call "as good as it gets" in the times we're in. Great music, VERY safe environment (at the expense of a more intimate experience, but definitely a good, appropriate trade-off), and a really emotional time for everyone. Jeff made it very clear all night that he was thrilled / grateful / relieved to be back on stage. He said right off that it was gonna be tough getting them OFF the stage, and then quipped that they were going to "play all night" before dashing all our hopes by telling that no, they really had a strict curfew there... sigh. He also indicated that they considered blowing the shofar to start the show, but just didn't want to tempt things too much. Probly for the best.... He loved being up there with the kids for sure. I think if he could have had Basil up there for a tune or two he would have been off the charts of thrilledness. He mentioned at one point that the boys we're "created by me", but then backpedaled that one quickly and later said that Susie in fact had grown them inside her! Great seeing VC and other regular folks again.. even if it was just on the virtual sidewalk waiting to get in (and catching quite a few soundcheck tunes too!), or inside the show from a distance (or 6' apart for a quick chat). It was hard to tell who was handling Wilcrew duty up on stage with masks and distance, but Eric, Stan, and Ashley (PK) were all around and about, and it was nice seeing their familiar (yet covered) faces around again. Jeff mentioned that he didn't think it would replace "the real thing", but I'd say it was a much needed, well done (as always), and enjoyable night... "together". Vince
  5. We could see a drone flying around but they never did show any shots from it on the big video screens. Were there any good angles from that?
  6. First spin - sounds more “musical” than some of their other recent albums. Looking forward to spending some quality time with this one.
  7. ALTWYS might be my new second favorite solo acoustic song! Love the way that turned out.
  8. Well, now it’s official!!
  9. Many happy returns of the day!!!
  10. Yes. Yes they / we / I do. Less effective over IG though... sigh.
  11. I fully support this sentiment.
  12. Sooooo..... the record will be ONE SONG???
  13. Listened to the first episodes. A pleasant experience overall. Could use a little more basset hound content tbh.
  14. Transitioning into the "pay per view" version of this a little bit nowadays. Andrew Bird a couple weeks ago... Lucero last weekend... GBV today!! Probably Yo La Tengo this weekend Ken Stringfellow and another round of ABird next weekend. Cheap, entertaining, and hopefully kicks a few coins to the ones we miss a lot.
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