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  1. I loved it but I’m a big fan of his. He had a great band pulled together this run, and the new stuff was excellent. They did a wild extended Orchids and Bells Break Arms which I loved. Tim was in rare form - acting very professorial since it’s a big college town with IU (“ok who messed with my syllabus?” and “didn’t anybody do their homework? This hurts me deeply”). You could tell it was the last night of this little run. Very loose. Got to chat with everyone after the show too.
  2. Califone. Excited to see Tim & Co, but sad that I couldn't convince @M Christine or @mountain bedto join me....
  3. The National (Homecoming night 2), with Pavement, Weyes Blood, Snail Mail, etc..
  4. Yes! They even had some pre-press copies of it at the show (The VIP folks, of which I am not one) allegedly got a copy in their swag bags. GA in November I think? And High Violet is where I started with them so it is still my sentimental favorite... and after hearing it all live, will continue to be my overall fave. 2.5 hours / 29 songs... at a festival! Really great show.
  5. The National (Homecoming festival - Day 1); w/ Patti Smith, The Walkmen, et al
  6. 1 hr Analogman changed the title to Wilco - 6th September 2023, Mandela Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland Seems our reluctant dictator has an accomplice ... ta indeed.
  7. That was last night up in Dayton OH. Tonight they're right here in my little town (Lexington KY) in my favorite little venue (The Burl).
  8. I'm not actually a member, but Gianpaolo and I are FB friends and he cross posts to his account sometimes. That group posts pretty much always in Italian, so you're at the mercy of FB translation... often amusing for sure. But yes there are a few posts on the shows happening over there. I don't think there's an Italian @bböp tho...
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