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  1. Definite for SSF. Highly probable for both.
  2. ^ That's a lotta bits to keep up with!! Nicely done...
  3. I bet you say that to all the monomaniacal fangirl types out there, dontcha? Bonus points for Dark Neon. Penalty reduction for omitting You Satellite.
  4. They were pretty high up on my "bands I wanna see when the lockdown is all over", 'cause they're so damn much fun. But I'm smiling 'cause making a timely, on-your-own-terms exit to do what you wanna do is really what we all want more than anything. Really happy for Brian.
  5. This has literally never happened to me regarding Wilco.
  6. OK, Dana wants to know how you did that. Just carrot tops? Chunks of carrots like you do with potatoes? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???
  7. A little. I'm WFH a lot now, so I don't have the commute where I could always get through about 1 album round trip off of the CarPod (iPod in my car... cute, right??). But now in my home office, I can put on music pretty much all day so I've had to do things like build long playlists (entire catalogs, etc) or rely on Spotify daily mixes or other collections. So that's been kinda nice, but I don't do as much intentional listening as I used to. It's more background.
  8. Truly was. Pretty sure I did NOT get a Nova that day tho. Buncha new songs. Pffff.
  9. IT WAS 2018!!!!! (Me: far right, second from back... big smile).
  10. Not even an honorable mention of Spencer's extended breast feeding?
  11. Well, if Donna says we hafta, then I guess we hafta. Cheers all and I’ll see ya lost on the sidewalk someday soon!!! Vince
  12. Is it in my hair? Is it on my clothes? Am I going far? Can I calm down?
  13. 1/3 into the album should be Bull Black Nova. Not a good opener, but definitely side 1.
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