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  1. My wife's fashion review on the Facebook group seems to have sparked some commentary!! ("Chairman Mao with a beanie")
  2. Sad news indeed. Will the holographic farewell tour make it to the States?
  3. Likewise!! After figuring out our VC connection, we were wondering who’d take the reins for this recap with bbop being out and about elsewhere. Nice to see some first rate reporting so quickly!! Not much to add banter-wise to the above reports; Jeff seemed to have something say between almost every song which was delightful. I could tell that nalafej and I were struggling to jot notes on all of it. I will say that the room itself was worth an extra mention. Imagine a cube maybe 30’ on each side, with pews for 50 people on that main floor. Set into the walls on eac
  4. Jeff Tweedy - betcha coulda guessed that one.
  5. They played with YLT last night (Tuesday)
  6. Switching it up a little. Andrew Bird
  7. Love seeing that pic. Totally a Stan stan myself. (Did I mention we share a birthday? Tis true!) Interesting that of the zillion FB/IG posts, nobody mentioned this MONUMENTAL ACHIEVEMENT but you. #VCForever
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