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  1. This seems to be behaving again this morning for me. Thanks !!
  2. I can still get to the forums directly, but the "All Activity" and "Unread Content" buttons don't seem to be working for the past couple weeks. I get this message on my laptop or phone browser (Firefox) when I try either of those Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX144
  3. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Rescheduled TWICE… I’ve had this ticket forever it seems. Gonna be worth the wait tho.
  4. I won't be going to RSD on Saturday (out of town, and not a huge vinyl collector anyway), but I can check on Monday and see if our local record shop still has a copy if you didn't score one over the weekend. I'm in the US by the way. I presume we met last month?? I'm Vince - I was at all the shows there.
  5. There was one night in either the original Residency or (more likely) the first winterlude where they played a really weird set - maybe more bleak than deep - that Jeff said “would never happen again” or something like that. I don’t recall a deep cuts set at SSF tho. I’m sure bbop would know….
  6. The Enmore was indeed more suitable for a rock show than the ICONIC (oops I did it again) Sydney opera house, not that I’m endorsing one over the other. But for sure the Enmore show felt a lot looser than the previous night at what Jeff described as being “inside someone’s sculpture”. The Enmore had a cool art deco vibe throughout with lots of velour and cool details all around. The setup was unique in that there was a GA “pen” in front of the stage for about 1/3 of the floor area, with a rail BEHIND the “pen” but none in front so it was all elbows-on-stage for the very crowded GA section.
  7. firstly let me be clear that I’ve never been in a bathtub with JT (or any member of the Wilco band and/or Tweedy family or organization) so that’s not my area of expertise. secondly I was really hoping to conduct my own (solo) experiment on the whole drain thing but it turns out that all four lodging choices I’ve made have showers without bathtubs so it’s going to remain unverified for me. Science will have to wait. Alas.
  8. Well let me just go ahead and break the seal on the word “iconic” and say that my first visit to this iconic venue was everything I could hope for. There, that’s done. On to the recap. The venue is amazing. It’s unique, artsy, and yes, iconic. There are seats 360 degrees around the totally open, flat stage. The side sections are small-ish, interlocked blocks of seats. Behind the unobstructed stage are more seats. The stage has no “sides” to cloak the crew or road cases. With that in mind, there were no “fringe curtains” for projections anywhere. The front row was really close to the rath
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