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  1. I especially love the feature in our “new” board that says “2 years later…” like it’s some cheap movie or tv show.
  2. Almost THREE YEARS since our last contestant? Sheesh. Anyways, this new record does fit in with the other releases right where @Beltmann predicted. I sense a trend. AM BT ST YHF AGIB SBS WTA TWL SW WS OTJ CC
  3. Ben Nichols (Lucero) and Cory Branan.
  4. Bonnie prince Billy. Hadn't heard a note of his music, but had "heard of" him somehow. (Turns out he's from Louisville and I'm in Lexington so maybe that's part of it). Anyway, I caught his whole set and was really enjoyed it. A bow on a banjo? Shiny little stickers on people's faces? 6-piece with no drums? Passing out lyric sheets to the audience? Every song is just one or two verses repeated half a dozen times? Word play where the first letter of each line is either the song title or a secret message? I found the whole thing delightfully weird and am (obviously) still think
  5. Same here. The new one does have its musically upbeat moments (Falling Apart for example), albeit with cowboy boots this time. And some fabulous stories (Story to Tell, Lifetime to Find, Hearts Hard to Find) to be sure. But storyteller Jeff was more than plentiful with the past 3 solo records. This one will have to be a grower for sure, and I'll leave it at that for now.
  6. So far, so good on presales. Though the Platinum prices for Live Nation / TM seats (Indy) are fucking ridiculous.
  7. This is exactly how I feel about Bull Black Nova and why I like it so much. Panic attacks are much less terrifying when set to music.
  8. Here’s one little tidbit that I think only the real nerds like me (and likely bbop) picked up. At the end of Poor Places, the Conet recording on the record ends abruptly with the song after “Hotel”. On nights 1 & 2 in Chicago, it ended on “Foxtrot”, but on night 3 it ended on “Hotel” (actually matching the record). Yeah, that’s my Nerd Notice (tm) for the day. Carry on.
  9. It was recorded. on the first night, I admit I was slightly disappointed in it being a recording. Especially since it was “live” (looped) when they did it at solid sound. But on the second and third night, I definitely think that the band all standing there solemnly with that gorgeous lighting and the “pristine” recorded version was indeed the perfect ending for the show. It was quite breathtaking really.
  10. At the risk of reverting VC back to its heydey and rekindling the ember of controversy (let's leave that to Facebook, shall we?), I've also thought that a simple reversing of sequence would have made a ton of sense. An opening set of an hour of hits + YHF B-sides, ending with the Jay tribute, then a break, then the new string intro / overture, then YHF, then just stop - would sure seem to accomplish the goal they set out with. If anything, I think the anticipation building up for YHF in that first set would make it even more amazing and well received. It sure worked at Solid Sound - that "gi
  11. Three really nice singles for sale, willing to split, pdf's in hand. Face & fees are $178 each. We were able to get seats together a little further back in one of the recent ticket drops. Edit - the two on the Nels side are sold; still have the one in the center available (E304). Edit 2 - All seats are sold... thanks all and see you soon. E304 C404 D407 Peace, Vince
  12. $65 each, face & fees only. Can transfer via AXS app. Post here or DM...
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