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  1. Just finished this one ... how I've lived in Kentucky these past ~40 years and not read her books is an embarrassment, but started with Prodigal Summer and worked my way through this one. She's a brilliant writer.
  2. Got some bad news there amigo... the sign has been officially retired. May work on something new sign-wise, but the OG BBN is going under glass. See ya at the show(s)!!
  3. Thanks - saw one on stubhub that was reasonable. Trying the YLT FB group too.
  4. Well shit. Now I need a ticket for that and it's sold out. Sigh...
  5. BYOB - Bring Your Own Blanket!!
  6. Certainly leaves you wanting more!
  7. ATTABOY!!!!! Very interested in the upcoming Peter Gabriel record. Also, in the gezelligheid show I saw last month, Andrew Bird said that his next record would be a jazz record. Yes please.
  8. At a Strand of Oaks show last weekend, Pat Finnerty (who now plays guitar for Strand of Oaks and also does the “Why This Song Stinks” podcast) opened the show for SoA by playing random covers that the audience or he wanted to hear. Patrick saw a guy in the audience who really did look a lot like Jeff and said “hey Tweedy guy, here’s one for you” (or something like that) and then they played Outtasite.
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