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  1. I think that rescheduled festival in Europe kinda squashed the regular last weekend in June. Not sure how “binding” those kinds of things are but seems like it wasn’t something they could just abandon. As for Friday - I love the idea of a new record. Sure seems like the perfect time/place for that. And maybe A.M. all the way through (“where it started / where it is” kinda vibe).
  2. Well HELL YES we can!! "An outstanding job of reportage, diligence, and #justthefacts!" - V.C.
  3. That's a helluva ride there. Glad there's something to look forward to health-wise for you. Hoping for good news in a couple weeks! Vince
  4. Which reminds me…. There’s still an IOU from bbop for more info on this last Wilco show. Hmmmmm.
  5. Always a pleasure to see that bbop hasn't decided to hang up his keyboard and lead a quiet life of vinyl collection after the dearth of live music that we've all had these past months. And also good to know that this may have been the last drive-in concert I'll ever have to see, though it was a delightful evening. I can't say enough about how Macie's violin really filled out some of the songs in the set. She added some really great textures to a few of the songs, never overplaying anything but definitely making them more "full". For those of us who have only heard Jeff mostly solo via th
  6. This thread needs reincarnation. oh, and per this topic....Tweedy band.
  8. Booked a single sky terrace today. Ready to see what this is all about!
  9. I heartily concur. It helps that you and I live in the more populated / university-influenced / (dare I say) progressive areas of the state. There's definitely a lot of great folks all over, but the newsmakers you mentioned out in KY's rural maga-land are very much real. But we're getting there.
  10. Definite for SSF. Highly probable for both.
  11. ^ That's a lotta bits to keep up with!! Nicely done...
  12. I bet you say that to all the monomaniacal fangirl types out there, dontcha? Bonus points for Dark Neon. Penalty reduction for omitting You Satellite.
  13. They were pretty high up on my "bands I wanna see when the lockdown is all over", 'cause they're so damn much fun. But I'm smiling 'cause making a timely, on-your-own-terms exit to do what you wanna do is really what we all want more than anything. Really happy for Brian.
  14. This has literally never happened to me regarding Wilco.
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