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  1. Not even an honorable mention of Spencer's extended breast feeding?
  2. Well, if Donna says we hafta, then I guess we hafta. Cheers all and I’ll see ya lost on the sidewalk someday soon!!! Vince
  3. Is it in my hair? Is it on my clothes? Am I going far? Can I calm down?
  4. 1/3 into the album should be Bull Black Nova. Not a good opener, but definitely side 1.
  5. I was one of the "two timers"(?) watching YLT last night. Sowwy not sowwy. But I would definitely support a Dolly Parton rendition of Bull Black Nova.
  6. Let me just say that this IS THE GREATEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO VC since !!!!!!!
  7. Where's the 124.5 episode? I don't see it on her IGTV? thanks
  8. I did not consider this a joke. More of a legally binding obligation from Artist to Clients. If need be, we can start a gofundme for legal funding to enforce this. WHO'S WITH ME ON THIS???
  9. Hope to meet up in real life in the post-Covid times!! Came close in Madison.. Vince
  10. I posted this over on the facebook about this topic: It's kinda like salt. It brings out the flavor of the original, but I wouldn't want to eat a bowl of it.
  11. The "in your face, dear" version of You and I was a hoot and a half. Loved it!! And I don't even especially like that song!
  12. Top 5: Fiona Apple St. Vincent Mavis Ohmme Rorey Carroll (check it out) And a couple of highly regarded below the line: Sharon Van Etten Liz Cooper (and the Stampede)
  13. Also ordered with the Offerman live stream. The email I got was from "The Seminary Co-op Bookstore" via stamps.com and had a tracking link. Took two weeks from teh time it "shipped" but finally arrived.
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