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  1. I've just had the worst RSD day news in a long time; The Whole Love Expanded LP has zero copies sent out to New Zealand (where I live). Not a single copy of the 4500 has reached these shores. I guess I won't be queuing up early on Saturday morning after all. I was looking forward to this so much and am majorly disappointed. This on the back of Wilco not including New Zealand on their recent tour "Down Under" (Which I travelled to Australia to catch). It feels like Wilco has abandoned our little country - And its fans here (although I know this is a label distribution decision, and not a W
  2. Wilc Os


    Thanks! I’m just working through the site navigation, maybe I need to post an “ISO” listing to widen my net on this? There’s a lot of great Wilco content here!!
  3. Wilc Os


    I’m new to Via Chicago forum and am very happy to be here! I got a box of Wilc-O’s cereal and the Foxtrot x Wilco tee shirt sent all the way to New Zealand! The cereal box (unopened) sits on the shelf above my turntable, right next to my Oxford Pennants “Turn Up The Wilco” camp flag. I couldn’t get the Jesus Don’t Cry beer sent due to local customs restrictions. If anyone here has an empty can of this beer that they’d be willing to send to me (at my cost), please reach out, I’d be extremely grateful, and it’d look great on my turntable shelf!
  4. Great review @bebop! This was my first ever Wilco show, and I travelled from New Zealand especially for it. I’ve been waiting soooo long for Wilco to come to New Zealand and figured this would be as close as they’d get for the foreseeable future. I lined up early and was at the railing right in front of Jeff. For those there I was the “active” one (at least those near made that comment to me after the show). The show exceeded my expectations by quite a margin, and it was great to know I was there with the biggest fans (as this was the original Melbourne show before more were added after it sol
  5. I too flew over from NZ, for two of the Melbourne shows. Are you the person I met from Dunedin at the front of The Forum wait queue perhaps? Wish I could have made it to more shows but the two I saw were absolutely worth the cost and effort of travelling!!
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