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  1. Thanks for the setlist. Thought the show was amazing and a really great mix of songs. Band looked like they were having fun. It was also lucky they played before the Waterboys despite Wilco being main headliner as that got suspended due to weather and was chaos getting out the site. The festival was poorly organised but thankfully Wilco made it all worthwhile.
  2. Hi guys Been made redundant so cancelling trip to Milan Bought two tickets to collect but can transfer Cost 66 euros but selling for 50 Let me know Nick
  3. Going to the show with my wife in Houston. Over from the UK. Bagged a couple of tickets in row D that are restricted but looks fine. I want balcony seats in Row A but Livenation won't let me select and their customer service is appalling.
  4. Bought two tickets as coming over for the Uk but better seats online that Livenation wouldn't let me choose Why is Livenation in the USA as bad as the UK one? I am in row D but slight restricted view but it looks fine. Although want the balcony seats in row A!
  5. That would be perfect. Tube is about 20 mins. There is another train at 0.05 but it takes 55 mins longer.
  6. What time did it end? My train is 23.32 from Victoria!
  7. Still have these - looking to swap for any other UK show (pref Birmingham)
  8. 2 spares for London - Brixton. Standing -
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