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  1. Not yet, no. Did seem interesting that they chose a Mermaid Avenue song to throw onto this year's festival playlist before one of the new album cuts.
  2. I did not expect a Miracle Legion reunion but I am here for it. Edit: "What a 'surprise surprise surprise'"
  3. Having gone since 2013, I think this is the lineup announcement that had the fewest artists that I readily knew well. That being said, this week has been incredibly fruitful in new listening. The band remain excellent curators and the lineup feels really eclectic. While I'm sure others might feel differently about a festival lineup/an event they attend, I've taken the approach of looking at the lineup as the live version of the band's year-end recommendations. I don't think there's ever been an artist where I was underwhelmed or disappointed with on the day. I think it'll be a good
  4. The announcement may or may not have derailed the collective focus for an hour or two during our honeymoon last week.
  5. As I eagerly await an announcement for Solid Sound 2024, I am beginning the process of replicating a small craft I did for last year's festival. If there's enough interest, I'll do it again! For kicks, I made a series of bingo cards for Yo La Tengo's 2021 Hanukkah run of shows at the Bowery Ballroom. These were left in the venue lounge and it was fun to see people post their progress with them and when/if they'd hit five-in-a-row. In 2022, I made a newer series with the blessing of the band and their awesome management team to sell at the merch table to raise some extra
  6. Wholeheartedly agree. I feel like a bit of an outlier in that I don't have super strong hate for newer albums and try to be generous with repeated listens before an appraisal is made. And even on ones that aren't my favorites, those repeated listens always expose more and more - nice when a band has that staying power. I guess my point is that I think it was important for the band as a unit to go without a producer for so long to develop enough confidence to make a great album whenever they step into the studio with that goal in mind. But I'm glad they seemingly are leveraging that
  7. Missed it by a few tunes - that's cool, though! What did it sound like?
  8. Lesson for the kids - spend more time online.
  9. Am unfamiliar with their work. It's been a wild ride, though - seeing something by accident.
  10. Stumbled upon it by accident - I was trying to look up some Cruel Country lyrics and thought the blank space in the discography page seemed a little strange. Hovered over and there it was. No artwork or lyrics attached just yet - but am very much looking forward to an official announcement when it's ready to drop. Didn't mean to blow up the band's or website staff's spot too much. Got excited when I saw it and figured this was the place that would be most appreciated/the folks whose jaws would drop if they saw the same as I had.
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