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  1. Ahh, thanks. It was such a mind blowing show for me, one being so close to the band, and two, just the whole scene was perfect, I'm still riding the post-show buzz. I meant to throw in that the night before at the opera John Hiatt and Buddy Guy played a dual headliner show, and several of my friends asked me if I was going to attend, and I told them I was seeing Wilco the next night, and besides I wasn't quite ready for a night of grandad rock, I'm still enjoying on the dad rock scene. Just trying to be clever, I don't think it was appreciated.
  2. I'm the last person that should be writing this because I'm a shitty writer and I didn't keep a setlist during the show, so I'll just regurgitate the list as I recall it and hope others will fill in the blanks. If you've never been there, the Santa Fe Opera is a beautiful open-air venue that is more accustomed to black ties and Rossini than rock shows, but with the 12,000' Sangre de Cristo Mountains forming the eastern sklyine and with Jemez wilderness and badlands to the west the views are spectacular especially with the late summer sunset and all of the wildflowers in bloom what a night for
  3. I was going in to 8th grade and saw Heart open for Loggins & Messina August 1976 at SPAC with my sister, I was a huge fan.
  4. Ode to Joy? Wilco should have just named it Sky Blue Sky II. When I first got on VC in 2008 SBS was still taking a beating from many hardcore VC'ers, I didn't get the criticism then, and I don't get it now. Wilco is band that been around the block, lyrically, sonically and personellwise, and they can make any album they want to, hell they own the damn label. I guess folks expected light-hearted poppy tunes with lots of hooks and clever lyrics given the title "Ode to Joy", but no, the band goes and throws out a curve ball maybe hoping the fans can rise to the occasion and appreciate the fa
  5. Same here, but there it was when I opened the mailbox, there is hope.
  6. These sound like solo songs.
  7. It's Just that Simple, sorry John. I wish you'd write and sing more Wilco songs but this one is just not good.
  8. Negative. The place had pretty well filled up by nights end.
  9. Excellent! I think we're row B center, also gray. Tentatively, we'll be at the International Bar beforehand, 4 of us, if you want to join the fray.
  10. Thanks for the review WYWU, it was a fun show, even funner since we had third row center seats, that never happens! The band was very animated, Jeff was all smiles and John was jumping around like crazy! The crowd seemed really into it, way more than in 2012 the last time they played the opera, when the crowd sat nearly the entire time. My only disappointment was they didn't play my request, ELT, that my wife and I requested everyday since we bought the tickets, oh well, maybe some day they'll play it again. On to El Paso!
  11. "Something in my veins bloodier than blood" - Plays well with my obsessions, one of which is Wilco "You have to learn how to die If you want to want to be alive" - An existential truth...
  12. 3rd row for Santa Fe, 2nd row for El Paso!! Wilco loves you baby!
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