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  1. Is there really not a Band of Horses thread in here somewhere? I'm a big fan. Saw them the other night for maybe the 8th or 10th time. They never disappoint. Ben is an incredible front man. Genuinely very grateful and interactive. Total "guitar band" that I think get overlooked in that regard. Tons of sound live. Aside from "Mirage Rock" all of their albums rate very close for me...tough to pick a favorite. If there is already a Band of Horses thread in here please forgive me...if there is already a Band of Horses thread in here and I started or commented in it please ridicule me.
  2. I am amazed how many people in my life(red and blue) genuinely believe "their" party has their best interests in mind. These are peoples whos opinions I respect on most matters but when it comes to politics are so irrational and completely unable to think independently. I lost faith in the entire system years ago. I know some people think this is a cop out and not voting is wasting your vote but supporting people you don't trust or like to me is worse. In my life I have voted "for" a president just once...that was Obama's first term. All of my other presidential votes in my lifetime were my
  3. This may go down imo as the best Wilco setlist in history! Sounds and looks like an amazing time.
  4. Scientist for years have studied to no avail the uncontrollable human urge to "whooo hooo" when Jeff says "They all come from New York city" during New Madrid. Pretty sure those two ladies the other night were indeed NOT from New York city.
  5. Interesting observation that I hadn't made but is definitely true. Each little sub-story is so good and then they all tie together very intricately. My wife came in late to the show and I didn't really even know where to start in telling her what was going on.
  6. "The White Lotus"...multiple thumbs up
  7. "Paris, Texas". Had never seen it but it is referenced in songs by two of my favorite artists so I needed to see what it was all about. "Val" on Amazon. A documentary on Val Kilmer by Val Kilmer. He has been documenting his own life since childhood on home videos and compiled them for this film. Very interesting imo
  8. Can we just go ahead and change the name of this thread to "What Chez is listening to today?". He is the Lou Gehrig of Now Playing.
  9. Play my curmudgeon card here and just ask in what world does Jay-Z belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Why not Taylor Swift next, or Randy Travis, or Skrillex? Is Eddie Vedder eligible for the Country Music Hall of Fame? Now, get off my lawn.
  10. I've watched Do The Right Thing twice in the last month. It's a modern masterpiece. Beyond the just ridiculously talented (mostly young) cast the story is eerily relevant and the set is just really colorful and vibrant. It is a visually pleasing movie (or joint as Spike would say) with great characters and performances.
  11. As a proud Kentuckian I have to say I feel your pain. If we make the news it usually not flattering and we are popular punchlines for most jokes relating to illiteracy, obesity and incest. Being said I absolutely love my state and all of its unique areas. We have some of the best scenery in the world, its cheap and people for the most part really look out for each other. I've actually been asked numerous times by visitors or transplants "why is everyone so nice?"...like its offending them that everyone is so nice!!!
  12. December- Page McConnell and Trey Anastasio
  13. We were raised by my mother...female vocals filled the air constantly from our Emerson turntable. Carole King, Carly Simon , Linda Ronstadt and David Gates to name a few.
  14. Despite being maybe the "hardest" job in the world its actually quite difficult to leave the Presidency with a bad legacy. You will almost always have 45-55% of the population alive during your term that will defend you simply on the basis of party lines. His behavior throughout his term was certainly not acceptable to me personally but I'm sure plenty of die hard republicans would have thought fondly of him for years to come and defended his actions as what he (they feel) was best for the country at the time. I honestly think he could have lost gracefully and in a decade a good majority of R
  15. This has been non-stop for me since the day it came out. There are many times throughout you forget this is a live performance.
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