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  1. Can we just go ahead and change the name of this thread to "What Chez is listening to today?". He is the Lou Gehrig of Now Playing.
  2. Play my curmudgeon card here and just ask in what world does Jay-Z belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Why not Taylor Swift next, or Randy Travis, or Skrillex? Is Eddie Vedder eligible for the Country Music Hall of Fame? Now, get off my lawn.
  3. I've watched Do The Right Thing twice in the last month. It's a modern masterpiece. Beyond the just ridiculously talented (mostly young) cast the story is eerily relevant and the set is just really colorful and vibrant. It is a visually pleasing movie (or joint as Spike would say) with great characters and performances.
  4. As a proud Kentuckian I have to say I feel your pain. If we make the news it usually not flattering and we are popular punchlines for most jokes relating to illiteracy, obesity and incest. Being said I absolutely love my state and all of its unique areas. We have some of the best scenery in the world, its cheap and people for the most part really look out for each other. I've actually been asked numerous times by visitors or transplants "why is everyone so nice?"...like its offending them that everyone is so nice!!!
  5. December- Page McConnell and Trey Anastasio
  6. We were raised by my mother...female vocals filled the air constantly from our Emerson turntable. Carole King, Carly Simon , Linda Ronstadt and David Gates to name a few.
  7. Despite being maybe the "hardest" job in the world its actually quite difficult to leave the Presidency with a bad legacy. You will almost always have 45-55% of the population alive during your term that will defend you simply on the basis of party lines. His behavior throughout his term was certainly not acceptable to me personally but I'm sure plenty of die hard republicans would have thought fondly of him for years to come and defended his actions as what he (they feel) was best for the country at the time. I honestly think he could have lost gracefully and in a decade a good majority of R
  8. This has been non-stop for me since the day it came out. There are many times throughout you forget this is a live performance.
  9. For old times sake... AM BT ST YHF AGIB SBS W(TA) TWL SW S OTJ
  10. Back up vocals on New Madrid? Ken Coomer (aka Matt Berninger)??
  11. We are a smaller independent district in an urban neighborhood. Approx 800 students K-12, essentially one connected building taking up about a city block, no bus service...very, very close knit community. Working class community where if there are two parents they are both working most likely. We pushed our start date out to August 26 and the superintendent rightfully so imo felt it important to establish a baseline plan early and get it to the families and then modify it accordingly in mid-August if necessary. Desks are 6' apart, lunch is to be served and eaten in the class rooms, masks a
  12. So I am curious because I am on the school board here in our district and while it isn't our responsibility to create the model for this school year we do have to approve it. I have been talking to a lot of parents and teachers....I also have three kids in the district and while there are obviously tons of concerns being voiced there are very few if not any solutions or even recommendations being offered. We did do a district wide survey around a month ago with about an 80% response rate which I thought was pretty good. Roughly 75% of that 80% both parents and staff were in favor of coming ba
  13. They just added a show from July 31 2002 and it is quickly becoming my favorite bootleg. I'll use the description "perfectly perfect pre-perfect Wilco". Jeff is covering a lot of ground on guitar. It sounds like the recording rig is either in Mikeal's piano or at sometimes tied around John's neck...either way two great locations to record from. There are some very quirky versions of some now live show standards. Jeff still has his young, cigarette voice. Lots of fun and very raw by today's standards for their live shows. Check it out.
  14. I put Goonies on several years ago thinking it was Swiss Family Robinson or something and looked at my wife like "should they be watching this??" In general though I feel like my blood pressure has dropped since the quarantine despite the fact I'll probably gain 40 pounds and could contract a deadly illness just by looking at my neighbor across the fence. One day we'll all look back and say "things are too crazy, why can't we just go back to the good old days during the quarantine".
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