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  1. We are a smaller independent district in an urban neighborhood. Approx 800 students K-12, essentially one connected building taking up about a city block, no bus service...very, very close knit community. Working class community where if there are two parents they are both working most likely. We pushed our start date out to August 26 and the superintendent rightfully so imo felt it important to establish a baseline plan early and get it to the families and then modify it accordingly in mid-August if necessary. Desks are 6' apart, lunch is to be served and eaten in the class rooms, masks are required, water fountains turned off etc. That plan is to have Mon-Thur 1/2 day on campus 1/2 day virtual. Friday is 100% virtual for all students. This gives us 72 hours each week for sanitization and the buildings sit empty Fri-Sun. It also brings each student into the school four days a week which is the safest and most structured environment for many of our students. Families are given the option of mornings or afternoons and students from the same family are all automatically put into the same time slot to ease logistics on the parents. Each student will be given a meal at school and one to take home. We are trying to work out some auxiliary spaces for primary students who would be going home to an empty house. It is a horrible situation. Teachers and students need to be safe...parents need to work...employers need their employees on site. There is no silver bullet and unfortunately we live in the era of constant social media scrutiny so no decision will appease everyone. Another interesting angle is the students that are cancelling or going virtual are losing student and students equal money for schools. Many of the parochial schools feel obligated to open because their parents are paying thousand of dollars for that education and paying that money to do the teaching yourself at your house isn't going over well.
  2. So I am curious because I am on the school board here in our district and while it isn't our responsibility to create the model for this school year we do have to approve it. I have been talking to a lot of parents and teachers....I also have three kids in the district and while there are obviously tons of concerns being voiced there are very few if not any solutions or even recommendations being offered. We did do a district wide survey around a month ago with about an 80% response rate which I thought was pretty good. Roughly 75% of that 80% both parents and staff were in favor of coming back to in person instruction with safety standards in place(masks, temp checks, sanitization etc). I believe if they did this survey today those numbers would be less in favor of in person instruction. It is obviously a very fluid situation but unfortunately these superintendents need to make a call now and give teachers, students and staff as much time to prepare as possible for increased child care or informing their employer among other variables. As a teacher do you think there is a happy medium between a quality education(keeping in mind the primary grades) and a safe environment? Btw I am totally not trolling here. I think our decision makers are struggling to get honest feedback from teachers because they don't want to be the squeaky wheel.
  3. They just added a show from July 31 2002 and it is quickly becoming my favorite bootleg. I'll use the description "perfectly perfect pre-perfect Wilco". Jeff is covering a lot of ground on guitar. It sounds like the recording rig is either in Mikeal's piano or at sometimes tied around John's neck...either way two great locations to record from. There are some very quirky versions of some now live show standards. Jeff still has his young, cigarette voice. Lots of fun and very raw by today's standards for their live shows. Check it out.
  4. I put Goonies on several years ago thinking it was Swiss Family Robinson or something and looked at my wife like "should they be watching this??" In general though I feel like my blood pressure has dropped since the quarantine despite the fact I'll probably gain 40 pounds and could contract a deadly illness just by looking at my neighbor across the fence. One day we'll all look back and say "things are too crazy, why can't we just go back to the good old days during the quarantine".
  5. I have to say in all honesty the quarantine is like a full reset for my family...in a good way. First of all I am married with three kids ages 14,12, and 7. I work around 50 hours a week and take work calls all day and night even when I'm off, on vacation or during weekends. My wife owns and operates a hair salon she bought at age 20 with a few employees and a receptionist. Kids play several sports a piece. This time of year it is very common for us on a Saturday to have 3 soccer games and a baseball game to cover. Needless to say we are at a very busy stage of our life. So for the first time in a long time not only do we not have any obligations but we are being told to stay put ..and if you do go out everything is closed so there is no where to go. I am seeing my kids more, they are hanging with each other together more, we're playing board games and watching movies. I can only speak for my wife and myself but we welcome another few weeks of quarantine. I think the silver lining out of this pandemic for a lot of people may be slowing down, look around, enjoy the people next to you from now on. If you are a parent and run around like most of us do these days this quarantine is an excellent opportunity to slow your kids down, see what they are up to, cook some stuff together, watch some 80's movies together, play Monopoly, clean out the basement...whatever.
  6. We busted out the board games as a family for the first time in a long time. After having to sell Atlantic Ave, Ventnor Ave and Marvin Gardens to my cheating 14 year old daughter we moved to a more civilized round of Clue. The kids had never played it....then we watched the movie which is free on Amazon. Great movie. Also, musical side note.... the host of the party, John Boddy is played by Lee Ving from Fear. Odd casting call.
  7. Pearl Jam postponed the spring tour this morning due to some kind of flu or virus or something.
  8. I pulled 2nd draft position in my fantasy league. Ill end up with Trout, Acuna or Yelich. I tried to make a case for Betts and or Bellinger being in that tier but I just don't think they are there. I want to think Acuna can match what he did last year but those are really lofty expectations. Regardless I am getting a great player. Fantasy talk says Yelich will be stealing less due to the knee injury.
  9. I was 14 and 15 when Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory came out and smoking a prolific amount of pot....needless to say I loved and still love those two albums and they hold a special place in the timeline of my youth. I think they have held up just fine. Great story...they were from Manchester and wanted to be the Beatles and did a really good job of sounding like them for a few albums. They sold a shit ton of albums. I'm still a fan.
  10. This is it...its the Reds year. I feel bad for anyone who stands in their way. 3-1 odds to win the central yet somehow picked to finish third. 14-1 to win the NL. 30-1 to win the Series. Best odds we've had in quite a while. I will trade my first born for a Reds World Series
  11. I got two pretty nice seats in Nashville. Only show I went after due to a vacation the next week we already had planned. I am in the fan club...pretty much only way to but tickets to a PJ show anymore. Their ticket situation is a mess but I feel like they are doing the best they can. People get frustrated but you can't be mad at the band for being able to sell out multiple arenas in a matter of minutes. There will be a "2nd leg"...I would recommend if you want to score seats for three figures or less you drop the $20 on the membership. If you play your card right and request best available you are almost guaranteed to get in the building...usually with pretty good seats. Regarding the new music I wasn't huge on Dance of the Clairvoyants....Super Blood Wolf Moon however I think is an encouraging move in the right direction. Good old fashioned PJ rocker. In other news I've listened to Binaural twice this week.....awesome album gets better every year removed...somehow is 20 years old this year.
  12. This was on the tv as I laid in bed because my wife likes "to see what everyone is wearing". I watched pretty much the entire broadcast. I thought almost the entire three hours was more awkward and poorly performed than my already low expectations. The Prince tribute was pretty well done and while I've heard of Tyler the Creator I had no idea what he sounded like and although its not exactly my cup of tea I thought his performance was really creative and captivating. First time hearing Demi Lovato sing and I thought her voice was impressive. Besides that the Aerosmith performance was sad, like in a "I feel sorry for you guys" kinda way. The Gary Clark Jr song was disappointing. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were nauseating. Jonas Brothers....Lil Nas X accompanied by a Korean boy band....Ariana Grande filmed a porno on stage.... Maybe I should just limit my music on TV watching to my local public broadcasting network. The night before I watched a Newgrass festival from Bowling Green as I fell asleep....Sam Bush > Billie Eilish.
  13. If you'd have told me 20 years ago this Same Old Song and Dance would still be together n in 2020 I'd have told you Dream On, you're Crazy. These Dudes have been Living on the Edge of demise since the mid 80's. I'll show myself out. #dadjokes
  14. I have said it before on here that its the best live show(s) I've ever seen. The energy is tangible. I was not a Lightning Bolt fan but respect it now more than I did when it came out. I am excited for the new album but prepared to be underwhelmed. That being said I put in for Nashville tickets via fan club and plan to see them at least one more time in 2020 after that.Curious to see how this Ticketmaster Verified Fan system works out. Seems like whatever bands do the bots always win!
  15. Got an email from Ten Club today and a Nugs one year membership is $20 for Ten Club members. No brainer for Pearl Jam and Wilco fans.
  16. Schitt's Creek. Hilarious...great characters.
  17. Let us not forgot John's jumping spread leg bass kick during "I Got You".
  18. By my most likely inaccurate math this was my 19th Wilco show, quite a feat in some circles but on this board it probably falls into the less than pedestrian level of fandom. That being said its amazing how I can walk away and still be surprised how tight and proficient this band is. Glenn really steals the show on a lot of this setlist. His kit is now starting to resemble some kind of mad scientists torture device. There are pedals serving homemade "attachments" that are like five feet away. I think the band genuinely appreciated that crowd last night. They almost seemed surprised, there were more than one extended applause at non-encore moments. Took my brother in law who has never seen the full band live...thought his head was going to explode during the Via Chicago chaos...these are things we take for granted. Random Name Generator to me has deservedly become a set list staple. It is an awesome rock song and the band looks like they have a ton of fun playing it. As far as the "Pat Watch" situation goes your original poster above is being very diplomatic. Pat looked less than interested at all times...with exception to maybe the last two songs of the encore...which I jokingly said "he knows its almost over". I would equate Pat's facial expressions to that of a man holding his wife's purse outside the fitting room while she tries on clothes....not exactly rock and roll.
  19. From what I can see from the link it is most likely a whitewashed birch plywood maybe laid over a manufactured wood core. If you are wanting to maintain the whitewash look you are pretty limited. I would guess wax might be your best bet for protecting that without changing the appearance. Any kind of stain or polish is almost definitely going to change the look so be prepared for that. You might be able to lightly sand(hand with paper) a sample spot on the bottom and try a product or two and see what your results are. I'm not a huge fan of waxing. We had a butcher block counter section that I used to wax regularly because it just doesn't last on surfaces that see a lot of use.
  20. Got my hard copy today. In perfect condition and also came with a pencil and a $10 off at the merch table coupon. Both very pleasant surprises but the coupon to the merch table I think is a very, very cool gesture. I buy a poster for each Wilco show and I have tickets to two shows in November so I thought that was a very thoughtful and clever idea.
  21. Been through it twice. I think its a pleasant album, I also think its pretty much a Tweedy record with a souped up band but I think that is what Wilco is right now so its all good. I think this album will translate well to live shows. I can't exactly place it but personally I think tempo is what I am pining for on these last couple of albums but its not the early 2000's and thats not where the band is.I am off today, working in the yard with a new Wilco album in my ear all day. I am grateful my favorite band still putting out albums!
  22. Whispering Beard Folk Festival. They have made the leap. After over a decade at a campground with music seen and heard from your tent and BYOB they are now smack dab in the middle of downtown Cincinnati. Great vibes, more like a reunion than a festival.
  23. John Lennon and George Harrison....probably won't ever happen though.
  24. This. No roadcase show touches KT in my opinion. Quality sound and editing. The setlist and tempo are second to none. It's my favorite album of all time by anyone.
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