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  1. I think they would be great as a 4 piece. Jeff, John, Glenn, and Pat. John is definitely needed for it to be Wilco. The rest could go. Although, they would have a hell of a time finding someone better than Glenn. The 6 man lineup is unnecessary and a bit much. I would even love to hear them as a 3 piece without Pat.
  2. I also believe Nels is a big part of the problem. They simply do not need him. He interjects himself and it just sounds out of place. His guitar sound is mostly thin and he is basically a one trick pony. He runs the scales too much for my taste. He does not know the meaning of the word subtle. There is no question that he is extremely talented, I just think he is wrong for the band. The guitar sounds and solos are so much better on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and Ghost is Born. This new album is pretty great and he does blend better than he ever has. Give the man a Gibson! I can also do without his p
  3. Saying the Beatles suck is moronic. Especially, if you listen to music that is clearly influenced by them. There is a reason they are so well known and loved. For the love of god, listen to Revolver!! This drives me nuts, people who discount the Beatles because they are well known and popular. Yet, they listen to music that is so derivative of them. Get some headphones and the mono box. Your ears will thank you. Stop being a knucklehead.
  4. 1. Art of Almost - 9/10 2. I Might - 9/10 3. Sunloathe - 9/10 4. Dawned on Me- 6/10 5. Black Moon- 5/10 6. Born Alone- 9/10 7. Open Mind- 7/10 8. Capitol City- 6/10 9. Standing O- 5/10 10. Rising Red Lung- 8/10 11. Whole Love- 10/10 12. One Sunday Morning- 9/10
  5. I like the song order on the vinyl. It seems more balanced. They need a really strong tune at that point of the record and whole love delivers. I also enjoy Capitol city more after it follows whole love. I think they should have included speak into the rose on the album and maybe dropped standing o. It just fits the mood better.
  6. I didn't like it much at first, but it isn't my least favorite track on the album. It has a slight basement tapes quality. A light, fun song that would make a good b side. It's not far off from the Summerteeth sound.
  7. The main thing that I notice about the new album is the mix is great. Listening back to the last 2 records, John was kind of buried. Here he shines like he has been to the McCartney school of bass. He has always been great, but they have never given him this much sound up front. This is clearly a rhythm driven album. The last 2 might not have been so bland with a mix like this one. I do think the songs on Whole Love are also a bit stronger, but through it all, Wilco is Wilco and this album is beautifully done. The Beatles influence can be heard better because the mix is great. Just listen to t
  8. Nels Cline has ruined Wilco. Why don't they just get Santana to join? Why all the flash? Play from the heart not the head. Jay was a much better creative partner. Being There, Summerteeth, Yankee Hotel and Ghost are my favorites. No wank. The new album is enjoyable but you can hear Nels suck the life out of it. Much different vibe and not in a good way. I will listen some more. I am trying to dig it but it is trying to break my heart.
  9. Listening to the album now......Why Nels Cline??? Why???
  10. Tonight's list: Being There A Ghost is Born Yankee Hotel Foxtrot Sky Blue Sky Mermaid 1 Summerteeth Mermaid 2 A.M.
  11. I agree....best guitar break on the album. Nels who??
  12. I like Nel's solo stuff and the toy guitar freakouts, but it seems when he is in a wilco tune he just jams. Not enough off the cuff...just listen to kicking television. Way too much wammy bar....I am not impressed.
  13. Oh yes I play guitar....but I am not into his guitar style or his guitar sound
  14. I'ts all too much......too many notes...I am not impressed. Tweedy has the best guitar breaks, no need for Nels wanking away on a guitar exercise. I dig the album... I am pleased that Nel's didn't stroke it too much, but Wilco certainly doesn't need him.
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