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  1. I think they played Solitaire last season. Pretty good show anyways and great music.
  2. I dont consider Wilco a jam band. 1) the setlist is fairly predictable. For instance, It looks this tour is going to be Art>I Might>Probably IATTBYH>Maybe Bull Black Nova>Possibly One Wind and so on. 2) There isnt really much improv (except maybe some Nelsgasms). And there improv stays the same with regards to live versions of songs. Things begin to get fairly predictable. I am getting tired of Via Chicago, they need to change that up. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy Wilco live. I have seen them 3 times over the last few years and going to see them in Nashville. I dont really l
  3. I received The Whole Love Deluxe in the mail Friday. I liked Message from Mid-Bar and Speak into the Rose. What did you guys think? "Were all swine" anyways. Speak into the Rose was an interesting instrumental some cool stuff going on there.
  4. Just my thoughts on the song itself I heard the Solid Sound versions more than a few times and have to say I really enjoy the album version. The bass line toward the beginning of the song is sick. And the part where Jeff sings "spit and swallowed opioids" is just really cool sounding. I saw someone say this song sounded overproduced. I think the sound production is excellent on this song as well as the whole album. They really used the studio to their advantage.
  5. Jules should go to the mall with a bear
  6. A link to a new article with interesting tidbits about new album. I might lyrics started as grunting. http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/September-2011/Wilco-to-Release-The-Whole-Love-on-New-Label/
  7. Does anyone know what Jeff is playing toward the end of the video? It does not sound familiar. My guess is One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend).
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