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  1. Sorry, I am going to come off like a butthole. Well, I guess I am a butthole, so who cares? I pay good money to listen to bands, not hear other buttholes yell things or have conversations during songs. Just sayin' People don't shout at movies or talk during movies and movies are relatively cheaper than concerts...
  2. I apologize if this has already been posted or if it violates any kind of forum rules, but here is a pretty interesting, alternative look at YHF. Check it out here: http://albumsthatneverwere.blogspot.com/2015/09/wilco-here-comes-everybody.html
  3. Some shameless self promotion... Here's my band's new release. Check it out, it's free to download or just listen. All of the typical influences : Dylan, Guthrie, Williams, Nelson, Wilco, Petty, Miller, etc. http://hellandhalfofgeorgia.bandcamp.com/album/men-destined-to-hang-caint-drown
  4. Any sign of audio for this one yet??
  5. Can someone possibly scan it? I have TONS of scanned tablature books to trade if anyone is interested
  6. Thanks for the download! That has to be the best audience recording i've ever heard. Thanks again
  7. i was just trying to say, that in MY opinion, that Nels has a more interesting style than Jay. Jay is kinda by the book. In MY opinion, that's a little boring. And I totally agree with whoever said that YHF was made in spite of Jay. Same goes for AGIB. Tweedy proved that he could write the songs and fucking rip over em' too.
  8. This record is what Wico should have sounded like with Bennett. He had too standard of a style of playing that got kinda boring after a while(in my opinion). Tweedy and Cline are like a 4 fucking headed dragon spewing fire and killing unicorns. PS- can you tell that i play guitar?
  9. long time lurker... please pm specific directions on where to find this album. and if anyone knows where to find vids of nels playing lap steel (besides the obvious) also let me know. thanks
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