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  1. Thanks for the extra notes, Ragtime Willie and jw harding. We were wondering if anyone/anything had been helicoptered in! I expected a requisite festival set but was delighted to get a real show instead. It was great to hear Nels rock out, Greg Leisz is one of my favorite musical sidemen, and I will NEVER say no to Wilco covering the Beatles. Sound Summit turned out to be a nice companion piece to the Fillmore shows, as well as an awesome show on its own.
  2. More Random Name Generator I Am Trying to Break Your Heart Art of Almost Pickled Ginger Hummingbird Handshake Drug Cold Slope King of You Via Chicago Spiders Heavy Metal Drummer I'm the Man Who Loves You Impossible Germany Late Greats * "Jesus etc" was on the setlist but not played. Wilco came on at 6:30, preceded by only one other band, A Knockout Punch, out of Sweden. Imagine a slightly heavier-sounding Blink 182 - that's how they sounded. By the time Wilco started, the audience had filled out dramatically, and from our vantage, the enthusiasm was there, as heard in spontaneous audien
  3. Corrected it for you: You're not in the picture, though, Good lord.
  4. My non-white parents would be shocked to learn that I (the photographer of the included shot) am now considered white.
  5. I was wondering if any prigs would complain about all the covers at a show heavily billed as an all-request evening, again stated by Jeff at the top of the gig. They had me at Thin Lizzy, sealed the deal with Pavement, then encased it all in a candy shell with Daft Punk - and that's not including every highlight in between. This was one for the books.
  6. An odd venue in a tertiary market turned out to be a really good time, thanks to the energy of the crowd and the band. I'm pretty sure the young fanboys next to me had hearts in their eyes at certain parts of the performance. But the low, waist-level stage gave us two runners: a tweaking lady who tried to get the setlist while the crew was readying for the encore and a second younger guy who thought he could do the same at the end of the gig. Let's just say the rolling lady contributed to my gambling losses for the weekend, as I incorrectly wagered she'd be able to keep it together during the
  7. Oh, how I wish that had been a (taller, thinner, more sober) Doug Benson in the audience. I would've had a shit head for him!
  8. Inspired by Renesmee,, I thought of the best shit head the other day: the Iowa caucuses (feel free to steal).
  9. Ahem, the correct spelling is "spexxxy" ™.
  10. Not sure if this has been posted, but Mavis and Jeff will be on Letterman next Tuesday (Oct. 5).
  11. One musical highlight that stands out in my mind is "Dirty Old Town," unfailingly requested every year, but finally granted. It sounded great too! Every year we get to do this is a gift, but if this is indeed the last year of these shows, I can't imagine a better capper than the appropriately named Big Star song and our traditional "Candyfloss" jig. Oh wait, I can think of a couple of tiny details: maybe a stand-alone power generator for the soft serve machine?
  12. For anyone in the Los Angeles area, Nels Cline and Jon Brion will convene for their latest night of completely improvised music at Largo at the Coronet this Saturday, August 28. It's hard to describe what they manage to accomplish at these gigs, except to warn you to check all expectations at the door. There'll be some rock, some esoteric stuff, and some random noises. However, they're also capable of exceedingly delicate and exquisite acoustic pieces. Really, your guess is as good as anyone's. This is actually their first show together in a year, and it's hard to say when they'll come back
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