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  1. A beautiful, emotional conclusion to the weekend. First, Sima Cunningham -- whoa! She really nailed that Pops Staples song. I didn't know she had that voice in her. Beautiful! That's also when the set took a very emotional turn for me followed by Sammy Tweedy making his SS debut with Military Madness. I've only seen Sammy sing a couple of times, but they've been so good and earnest and focused. He's clearly reluctant to be center stage, but he was great. I vote for more Sammy (in literary shirts). And watching him share a mic with Jeff? Too much. I really really wish he had taken a verse on I Shall Be Released. Spencer wearing the Raised on Wilco shirt cracked me up. At one point someone in the crowd said he "only loves Spencer" to which Jeff repled, "That was hurtful." And then, "Fuck, man."
  2. There was a nice segue from Jeff's banter about being there for each other (Being There!) to One by One--Woodie knew how to put it to words or somesuch. Hmmm, I was also right up front and feel confident that was a big ol' moth (yes, huge!) that dive-bombed Jeff's chest. It was drawn to the fabulous lighting, poor thing. It didn't have the swoop and dive of a bat, but it did hang around for a bit after before abandoning the stage. Maybe in the end we'll agree it WAS a falcon. Jeff went so far as to say he put HANDFULS of hair in his mouth at home. I was waiting for him to add, "...sometimes other people's" I believe John also called Jeff "heroic" for singing an entire song with a hair in his mouth. I dug the new take (to me) on I'm Always In Love, and love love love I'm A Wheel.
  3. I enjoyed this show from waaay back, near the silo, and it sounded so good. There were things I missed about being up close, but I was so impressed with the sound all over. Go, Stan! Banter: Jeff said four words on Friday night, after the BT set: "Thank you very much."
  4. I'm not sure I'd use "bewildered" to describe him when he said this. That makes me think of someone saucer-eyed, surprised to find himself where he is or doing what he's doing (like Brian Wilson when I saw him in 2008 in Jackson Hole). All of Jeff's comments seemed more like attempts to "explain away" his forgetfulness in a way that might be more palatable than simply saying he was tired or worn out or not really "feeling" learning/practicing/performing almost 30 more songs (added to the ones from Friday night). The mention of the meds, the "I don't know what I'm doing anymore"--they all felt like typical Jeff, self-deprecating quips. It seemed to me like he was just out of his groove at the beginning, and eventually he found it. After the first few flubs, he said something about the audience being "really great" about it or whatnot. I think the show could've gone a lot of ways at that point, but it was a warm, affectionate crowd (with the exception of the guy in the balcony--and even he wasn't so bad). In the end I thought Jeff seemed mellow but not angry or confused or anything negative. I wasn't at Friday's show so can't compare, but I enjoyed myself a lot last night! Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down was a treat (thanks, Brianne!). I have no idea what the "stats" are on that song, but I know I've never heard it live before. Or if I did hear it live, it was during the Mermaid Ave. era and have no memory of it thanks to children stealing my brain cells since then. And apologies to Brent: I definitely sang happy birthday to "Brett." Some other highlights were RNG, Reservations, and my request (You Are My Face). There are typically some nice surprises in terms of requests, but in the end I simply like being at these shows to watch one of my favorite musicians make music in front of me while I'm hanging with my friends. Add a decent IPA and some sing-alongs, and it doesn't seem like life gets much better. I'm not sure I remember a lot of the banter, but there was the requisite PAUL banter. Many of us have probably heard the "Paul has been at more Wilco shows than we have" bit, but Jeff extended it last night by saying Paul once contacted them to let them know their show in New Zealand was great....and they hadn't been in New Zealand. Jeff didn't seem sure about the delivery on that one, but it was funny. He also said they'd tried to get Paul on staff, to work security, since he was clearly available and it could help him with his travel expenses. I think I saw Paul updating his resume after the show, so.... maybe make that offer again? He also aped Paul quite well when hassling him about his request for the This Is 40 version of "I Got You." I'd call the delivery music-snob-chic. There was more to this, but I can't remember the details. (I'm not that far from 50 myself...I could hurt myself trying to remember.) He told a story related to the song "Quarters"--that it is about his maternal grandfather who owned a tavern. He shared that the tavern was a terrible place, and he joked that he'd trepidatiously ask his grandfather, "When is mom coming back? She IS coming back, right?" He also remembered drinking chocolate milk out of a beer mug there. At one point he checked his phone for texts from Susan, but there weren't any -- unlike the night before. Near the end of the show, someone in the audience reminded him to check his phone at which point there were several. The best one was the first: "I didn't think you were receiving texts due to your crabbiness." She is the best. He also offered me a choice on my request since I had requested someone else's song (not the Wilco song Someone Else's Song but a song by someone else) and a song "I don't play acoustic very often." He said the choice was mine... but "it better not be that fucking Brian Wilson song." It wasn't. Thanks again to the Tweedys for doing these shows for so many years. Last night Jeff said Chance the Rapper presented a one million dollar check to Chicago schools, which is awesome, but he's been doing this for 10 years for half the money. He was trying to poke fun at himself, it was a nice reminder of how much they do for people in the city (Letters to Santa as well as other things) with their time and talents. I'm so happy to be able to share in this year after year! Edited to add that Gun is such a goddamn great song. I wonder how old Jeff was when he wrote that 21? 22? That song holds up.
  5. It was a wonderful night! I think you're right, Paul, that the roaming and ottoman-sitting contributed to an especially intimate feel. Thanks to the Tweedys and the hosts for their incredible generosity. And a special thanks to whoever brought those LEMON BARS. I've been dreaming of them since. There were so many great requests, and You Are My Face was an especially nice surprise. Country Disappeared, Reservations... *sigh* I wish I could bottle all the things a night like that makes me feel. So thankful!
  6. Awwww...P! There's the big ol' softy I love! Sounds like a great run. I've only experienced a few Wilco Residencies, but they remain some of my favorite memories. The "real world" gets put on hold for a bit, and each day is all about one of your favorite things in the world: Wilco. What an escape! Thanks for the vicarious experience.
  7. Also, only one missed song from the Hootenanny part of the setlist: CA Stars
  8. Per the band setlist, Jesus did in fact come between the two new tunes. There's your spice, Paul! (Yes on Outtasite.)
  9. Edited to add a setlist (from setlist fm). Typical it would take a Midwestern work ethic to Google this for you Coasters... More... Random Name Generator The Joke Explained I Am Trying to Break Your Heart Art of Almost Pickled Ginger Hummingbird Handshake Drugs Cold Slope King of You Via Chicago Spiders (Kidsmoke) If I Ever Was a Child Jesus, Etc. Locator Box Full of Letters Heavy Metal Drummer I'm the Man Who Loves You Red-Eyed and Blue I Got You (At the End of the Century) Outta Mind (Outta Sight) Encore: Impossible Germany The Late Greats Encore 2: Misunderstood (acoustic) War on War (acoustic) I'm Always in Love (acoustic) A Shot in the Arm (acoustic) I'll tell you now: I don't have a setlist. This was only my second time hearing Star Wars material live, and the other was during a festival set in Croatia in June. Otherwise I haven't seen the band since SS '15. So obviously I don't see the band often enough (my kids would diagree...) to offer a lot of insight. I just walk away from a show thinking, did I enjoy myself? Did they still sound f****** tight as hell? Do Jeff's lyrics seem to resonate, regardless of what's happening in my life? Are John's harmonies still sweet as goddamn honey? Does Jesus, Etc. still make my heart swell? Yes! All this plus a night with great friends. I'm grateful! (I'm also grateful a.) the rain held off, and b.) we didn't get struck by lightning on the metal rail. Big wins!) Two (I think?) new songs were played, but I'm not 100% certain on the titles so will let someone else fill those in. On one, Jeff seemed to be purposely backing away from the mic. Not sure if that was for effect or because of a "lyrical malfunction"? Afterward he said, "That was pretty close." Ha! The hootenanny was cut short by impending rain, but the songs they managed to squeeze in were in lightning. Yikes! Thanks, Wilco! I'm sure I'm missing other details that will come to me later. Gotta hit the Farmer's Market.
  10. This was my first--maybe only?--non-U.S. Wilco show. So grateful for this luck! It was also my first time hearing Star Wars material live. The band sounded great, and it was nice to have several songs on the list that featured Jeff's guitar work. (Dear Rainbow SG: Where are you? Love, Me) Wish I had gotten a picture of the security guards' expressions during Via. They had no idea what to make of the cacophony on stage that exited into only acoustic guitar. The extended Croatian version of Spiders was quite the experience--I felt for Nels's tech. Give that guy an extra Ozujsko! Jeff didn't attempt to use any Croatian; he spoke the universal language of music and clapping. Great show, great experience, great city. Thanks, Wilco!
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