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    I'm a studnet at Columbia College Chicago, and am currently faliing enlosh du to bad spellung.<br /><br />
  1. The other factor on those two could be that they are the best circulated shows around. I know they were probably the first two boots I feel in love with.
  2. FUG EM. The lady is a true original. I think the problem is most people who have heard her stuff don't listen to that sort of music in the first place, they're beatles fans. Its not surprising they don't get it. When I read that Nels was playing in Yoko's band I couldn't think of a better match. SO PERFECT. Would love to see her with nels and thruston, now that would melt faces.
  3. I've seen many acts at the theater in question with tickets priced at 45 dollars for the best seats, this is a money grab. As someone else said, he's doing it because he can. Its really a shame too, I feel like I grew up at last chance for a kid to see some of these acts (i'm 25). I saw neil with good seats for 50, saw the stones for 60. In the past several years tickets prices have gone through the roof it seems like. Its totally unnecessary, bands like phish and radihoead haul around HUGE lighting rigs and play sold out concerts all over and charge around 50 dollars. Phish just rai
  4. HAHAHA! That all meat diet, don't know what to say about that! I think it is safe to say the psychedelic sixties would have had trouble taking off without Bear.
  5. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm......................NO @solace no wonder we feel so differently about this record: Amnesiac In Rainbows Ok Computer Kid A King of Limbs hail to the thief the bends pablo honey
  6. right but that would have implied that i don't like those tracks, which i do. well little by little i don't really care for but basically i love the record.
  7. IMO Pablo Honey is a band still finding its identity. Where as this album and In Rainbows sound like mature radiohead albums, a band who knows who they are and aren't trying to prove anything. WOuld really like to see your list though when you get back.
  8. ISO, sorry to get so literal, wasn't trying to attack you. I just keep hearing that same complaint. I'm not sure what seems so empty about the record though. It seems to have to definitive sides. The first being bloom through feral which is much more electronic and lots-separator which are more conventional songs. _)_)_) As for great tracks, my personal favorites have been: bloom, magpie, lotus, give up the ghost and separator.
  9. You like Pablo Honey more than this? And no, I'm no surprised. I won't be surprised either when at the end of the year many of these critics put it on their years best list. I respect your opinon, so I'm curious what these albums that are a mile better( ) ?
  10. Been a while since I popped in here. Hope everyones doing well. Since the phish came back I've been so overwhelmed keeping up with them that I haven't had time to dig back into the dead. Further really hasn't help peak my interest either. Ratdog has a few good originals. Like Two Dijnn, Ashes and Glass was always a favorite when I used to catch their sets.
  11. BINGO! Can't believe how much crap this record is taking. I guess it was bound to happen eventually, nobody likes anyone being considered perfect. I honestly think the last two are among the best of their career.
  12. I'm sorry but this just seems like a silly argument. 1. 40 minutes for an album used to be pretty standard. Check this out: Rubber Soul = 35:50 Revolver = 34:59 Sgt. Peppers = 39:42 Pet Sounds = 35:58 Abbey Road is 47:23 2. 12 tracks? Some albums have two tracks, some even have one. They're still albums. Secondly, there have been tons of classics that were 8 track albums, for your consideration: Talking Heads - Remain In Light On The Beach - Neil Young Television - Marquee Moon Panda Bear - Person Pitch Jim O'Rourke - Eureka Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power Velvet Underground
  13. I mean obviously its not a clubbing record, my initial comment was that it is the most danceable thing they've released. Its a dark record, I can see why dancing isn't the first thing that comes to mind. I happen to think its got a heavy afrobeat influence in the rhythm section.
  14. turn the album on. stand in front of your stereo. listen to the drums and the bass. if you can not find a beat that provokes you to shake your hips that is your loss.
  15. Funny I keep hearing people say this sounds like their other records or they didn't do anything new here. Each time I read those kind of statements I'm left wondering what record they were listening to. This is the most upbeat danceable thing they've ever put out. The bass and drum tracks are unlike any of their records, the afrobeat influence is used to incredible effect. Personally I've been loving the record, I have no problem saying: they've done it again.
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