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  1. Recently I've gotten a bit tired of listening to music at work, so I've started listening to a few podcasts, like NPR politics, Fresh Air and Ted Talks. Don't really know many and since we all obviously have great taste in music here I figured I'd start this up to see what kind of podcasts you guys are listening to and maybe pick up a few to add to my playlist!
  2. I've seen Wilco a bunch of times and will be seeing them Friday in Madison for the first time in a few years, so I have yet to hear any Star Wars stuff live. I say bring it on! Although I would like to hear some nice rarer gems mixed in, I'm pretty excited to hear stuff from Star Wars.
  3. It's funny, Neil has been my favorite for awhile. I saw him for the first time excluding Farm Aid in Chicago in 07 I believe, during the trunk shows. Of all the songs he played, Mellow My Mind, Cowgirl in the Sand, Bad Fog of Loneliness, Ambulance Blues....one of the songs I remember most was No Hidden Path. Absolutely blew me away.
  4. It's tough because Wilco has so many of what I consider essential songs. Just a quick look through their catalog and I'd have a hard time leaving off songs like Misunderstood Via Chicago I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
  5. Yeah, those Chicago shows look pretty fantastic! Can't believe I missed them during that run.
  6. I've been on and off with Wilco a bit lately, which is pretty normal for bands that I used to listen to non-stop. After that it comes and goes in waves, and I'm looking to find some new Wilco I haven't heard yet, so what better option than the roadcase in the store?!! Only problem is there are like 44 shows in there and I don't really know anything about any of them. So this is where you guys come in! Is there a consensus favorite among the roadcase shows? Right now I'm just kind of looking for one of these so what do you guys think are some of the standouts in this series? Thanks and hap
  7. I think it's a very good album! I've enjoyed all of their stuff though. Similar to Wilco, I think it's all good, some is just better than others. Evil Urges and Circuital all had their great songs. I absolutely love Evil Urges, Smokin From Shooting, Touch Me Pt 2, Victory Dance, Circuital, Wonderful etc...but there are too many songs that don't have much of an identity. The Waterfall on the other hand I feel is very cohesive and strong It really is an album that works best all the way through. I'm seeing them in Milwaukee and besides "the river" I really hope to hear all the new songs. In
  8. !!! That was awesome, they were playing a small bar in Chicago and I talked to the band after they finished loading up their van. Really nice guys and they seemed geniunely surprised that only did someeone want them to sign something, but that I had Welcome to the Night Sky on vinyl ha. Really hope they head back to the area again.
  9. So I'm trying to get a bit of a collection of signed records by my favorite bands. So far it's very low key with the Heartless Bastards, Wintersleep and The National. Wilco would absoutely be the gold standard for me being my favorite band. With that said, if I were to try and get a record signed by the band, is it in poor taste if it's an older album? With the current lineup all I have on vinyl is the Whole Love, which got kind of beat up, and Kicking Television, which would be awesome, but it's so thick I don't know what I'd do with it afterwards. I feel like it'd be weird getting an
  10. At least Jeff Tweedy isn't starring in a movie that seems like the generic lovechild of Judd Apatow and Zach Braff.
  11. Just finished reading A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick last night. It's funny, some years ago I remember seeing the movie and loving it. I re-watched the movie last night after finishing the book and now I hate the movie haha. Lacked the majority of character progression for Arctor and when Arctor goes through his issues near the end, the film does a horrible job setting that up while the book really made it fit the arch.
  12. Wilco Indiana Setlist leaked! (House Music) Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment Comment ___________ Comment (crowd sings the entire song)
  13. So the people complaining will still be taking the refund and not going, right? Because it wasn't about the show, it was the bigger picture that people felt Wilco was being hypocritical and illogical in theiir decision which according to some was just for PR. No way you guys would still go to that show, right?
  14. It really is a tough spot. Wilco made the decision to stand up in some way for what they believe in which is a decision which should be celebrated in my opinion. How they chose to stand up was by cancelling the show and people are complaining. If they chose to release a statement but still play, people would say they are money hungry and don't practice what the preach. If they chose to play but donate the money, people would say it's a big PR stunt and they wanted everyone to know they were donating money. Basically in the court of public opinion, one in which people love to complain a
  15. I don't think any beer is worth the hype. My hatred for limited craft beer is rooted in this. When I was first getting into craft beer I had heard a ton about zombie dust this, zombie dust that so naturally I wanted to try zombie dust. Three Floyds on their website shows which stores they distribute to, so I called one by me to ask and the conversation went like this. Me: Hi, I was wondering if you have any zombie dust in? Store: Who is this? Me: I'm sorry, I think you misheard, I'm just wondering if you have any zombie dust in? Store: Yes I know, but what is your name? Me: Why does that m
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