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  1. I haven't listened to the album all the way through yet, just songs here and there, so I will reserve a more final analysis for midnight tonight when I go Cruel Country front to back with good quality headphones. But I will say that what I've heard thus far is exactly what I expected: excellent songwriting, fantastic musicianship, and a true Wilco (today's Wilco) country record with the requisite twang, plus a couple 'what the fuck was that?' moments to keep folks on their toes. I will also say I am a bit underwhelmed (at this point) by the album as well, and I think both points o
  2. I've read maybe a handful of reviews in recent days that, while praising Ode, take shots at both Star Wars and Schmilco, which I find funny because the critical response to both of those records was also pretty strong. I can see why some folks believe Schmilco hasn't aged well (in 3 short years) and I also understand the critique that Schmilco felt slapped together, kinda disjointed, not a strong holistic effort. But Star Wars (stupid title aside) is a really, really strong record (at least for me) that is listenable all the way through, has urgency to it, and felt like more of a creative leap
  3. Anyone know of a place to stream (or a straight-up MP3 download) of the leak? For some reason, my phone/iPad won't process the leaked versions available thus far...I may be a bit antsy in pantsy, but waiting for my version to arrive Friday/this weekend seems so far off right now.
  4. Couple of tracks (White Wooden Cross, Hold Me Anyway, and We Were Lucky) are now on YouTube. Have to say, after a couple of listens to each, I was a little underwhelmed, but I'm coming around to the first two - We Were Lucky will take more time. Without a full listen, methinks Ode will be an album where you can't cherry pick tracks to enjoy on a whim. I think Ode, perhaps more than any other Wilco album, will be one you put on from beginning to end rather than saying "I'm really in the mood for X or Y song from Ode." Rather, I think the thought process will be "I'm really in the mood for Ode t
  5. Appears word on the street is Ode has leaked. Anyone confirm? Or, even better, if anyone wants to share a reputable link before I buy the record Friday, that wouldn't suck...
  6. Anyone heard word of the album leaking? Just curious given that Schmilco leaked about a week before its release in 2016 and I have to imagine there are enough digital copies floating around out there.
  7. Any idea where I can hear the song without the video? I love the video, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to hear it all the way through without the stops and starts of video...
  8. OK, um, for those of us (myself included to some degree) who are worried Ode is going to be another iteration of recent Tweedy recordings, check this gem out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98F7I1rva6I Hold Me Anyway. Only so-so audio quality, but the build and complexity of the sonic layering, Tweedy's more exuberant vocals as the song peaks, and tenor of Nels' guitar lines makes me supremely confident Ode to Joy is going to be another fine step forward (and into a slightly different direction) for the band. I'm pumped.
  9. Something of a tangent here, but I can't believe a second track from Ode hasn't been released yet. Not expecting the whole album to leak, but with the band hitting the road this week in Europe, I thought we'd have a second offering by now.
  10. After hearing the acoustic versions of White Wooden Cross and Empty Corner on the BUILD show, this record better leak ASAP because I haven't been this excited for a Wilco record since The Whole Love.
  11. Curious as to whether Everyone Hides is going to be the exact same version as on the St. Vincent soundtrack. I would hope they don't simply run back that version but perhaps take a second crack at it with the full band. I really dig that song but am hoping for a reinterpretation.
  12. I agree with you on Nels' guitar work, but something about the vibe and sound of this tune leads me to think the rest of the record will feel 'bigger' than Schmilco, Warm, Warmer, etc. We may be at a point in Tweedy's career where this breezy, folksy sound is more or less what he is, but something about the arrangement of Love Is Everywhere leads me to think Ode will be a much fuller sounding record.
  13. Yes, Choo-Choo is right, it's worth picking up. And yes, the record is what it's billed to be. As I said, I think my expectations were outta whack and that's 100 percent on me. As has been said, there are some really wonderful cuts here. Worth buying for the Wilco/Tweedy fan.
  14. I think Number 2 in part answers Number 1, though not completely. Perhaps, as you somewhat referenced, it's the song selection. Maybe if the record include more 'deep cuts' or songs we really haven't heard in an acoustic setting before? I don't know... I do agree with you: A perfect weekend morning record, which is probably where this will reside for me. And again, this record contains some fantastic cuts: Via Chicago, Laminated Cat, Ashes, Future Age, Break Your Heart, etc. But for an artist like Tweedy who prides himself on making records a holistic listening experience, this one finds me
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