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  1. https://rocknuts.net/2015/05/19/top-10-wilco-songs/
  2. Every album has its strong points and weak points. I will agree that WTA has more weak spots than YHF. But someone who can't see that One Wing and Bull Black Nova are great tracks is someone who can't see what made Wilco great in the first place, IMO. There are a couple of other tracks on WTA that I love but are not so objectively clear-cut "great" songs. Personally I will be happy if the new album has 4 or 5 tracks that I love even if the rest of it is dreck. Isn't it too much to ask that every song be great?
  3. Jeff said in his Strombo interview posted elsewhere that he's come to terms with the fact that new albums will never be as well received by fans as the older material is. He said that new material can't compete with the emotional investment and attachment that time affords the older stuff. So it's a given that many here will bitch and moan about the new album, while others, who are secure in the understanding of the greatness of this songwriter and this band, will sing the praises of the new material despite not having had the time to develop a deep emotional attachment to it. And on and on an
  4. I have to think this will happen. I thought the ad for this concert on the front page of the Globe and Mail's entertainment section yesterday was a clue that they're shooting for something bigger. But I couldn't take the chance. Had a meeting downtown this morning and wasn't near my computer. Ran to the Roy Thompson box office by 9:50. By 10:10 when I reached the wicket there were only obstructed view balcony seats left but I took em anyway.
  5. I think this album is a masterpiece. I think overall it has the best songwriting and the best musicianship of any Wilco album. I think each of the first six songs on this album belong alongside the all-time greats of the Wilco canon, the Jesus etc's and 's. Admittedly the second half is not as great as the first. I would not call Sonny Feeling or Country Disappeared "great" tracks, but they both have redeeming qualities. Enough to not take away from the overall greatness of the album. EE is a fantastic closer, but I agree with those who think it should go on longer. I think YHF is a master
  6. Well the last two times I've seen Wilco, Mike had no mic in front of him and performed no backing vocals.
  7. Yeah, what's up with this? When did he start singing?
  8. This is so true. Everybody knows only lonely girls enjoy sweet love songs. Why can't every song be a noisy dissonant rocker? This album is just too fucking eclectic. Why cant the songs on this album sound the same as each other? If I wanted variety on an album I would have bought a various artists compilation. And another thing, You Never Know is a direct rip off of My Sweet Lord. I mean a complete note-for-note copy, I cannot tell the difference and i know a lot about music.
  9. I keep telling my friends this is the only way to really enjoy Wilco records. Great review.
  10. I've seen the movie a couple of times now and I'm even more confused by this line of criticism. To me, the interview segments were very brief, welcome little breathers in between songs -- I barely noticed them. I mean, I listened and paid attention, but they were there and then gone, quickly, then onto the next number. "Spending that length of time on mutual admiration" -- what was it, 45 seconds, a minute? Put a timer on it, it didn't seem excessive to me at all. Also, most of the spoken word is presented via voice-over, often over shots of behind-the-scene stuff. I don't think you ever actua
  11. I haven't seen the movie yet, but yeah, I'm having trouble understanding the argument that they should have focused on one or more "narrative themes". Spending the whole 90 minutes talking about one issue would be inescapably pretentious, and quite likely repetitive and deathly boring. How much more can the lads say about the disappearance of small town life other than they're concerned about it? Would people rather have them cite Dept. of Commerce statistics? Clearly this band has a lot of things to say, and there's nothing wrong with that. Gimme that delicious concert footage for my dinner
  12. Jeff clearly wasn't at the top of his game. At one point he told us this was the longest he's gone in two days without vomiting. I thought the sound was iffy -- Nels was too quiet and there were some strange clicks and pops marring the sound. But it was great to see the lads again, and here's hoping they play the Ampitheatre when they're touring their new album next summer. Neil was neillerific as always, and his encore of "A Day In The Life" was something I'll never forget as long as I live. But I concluded that, given the choice of a Neil Young concert or a Wilco concert, not an easy choic
  13. I know the conventional wisdom is that Wilco, or any band for that matter, is best seen at some small, intimate venue. And I agree, to an extent. But i am awfully excited to see Wilco at the Air Canada Centre next week, because I think they will sound better in a big arena than many other bands. This thought occurred to me last year when I saw them at 2,000-seat Massey Hall. It was during Spiders, I think, when it felt like the sound would blow the roof off the place. I just think that Wilco's live sound is so deep and rich and textured -- and, at times, so big -- that they will end up soun
  14. This is a definite possibility. Some of the lyrics may sound like they were knocked off in the dressing room before the show, but the musical structure, chord changes and melody sound to me like something that's been worked on and crafted. It's too good to throw out.
  15. hehe watch it again, johnny winces when he himself screws up
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