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  1. Hello old friends What a night! I think tonight was my 12th time seeing Wilco live and I was excited to bring my best friend along for her first Wilco experience. I love seeing shows at the Orpheum Theatre. The sound is always really good and the place is just beautiful, head to toe. I am not very familiar with Jenny Lewis' music but I thought her set was really great and she played 2 quiet songs (no clue what their names are) with just her guitar and voice along with some backing vocals and you could hear a pin drop the audience was so enraptured. What a voice! I was actually really happy with the crowd at the Orpheum tonight. Even if the theatre wasn't full for Jenny's performance everyone was certainly paying attention to her and not chatting. I haven't given Star Wars too many listens yet so I was excited to hear the new songs in person to see how it all sounds live. The standouts for me were Random Name Generator, You Satellite, and Cold Slops>King of You. The audience was on their feet from the start and seemed pretty enthusiastic with all of the new songs to start things off. The rest of the main set just blew me away. The band just sounded SO GOOD ON EVERY SONG. I love me some Muzzle of Bees, Art of Almost, Secret of the Sea (I think this is the first time I've heard this one live...I'll have to double check), Dawned on Me, Via Chicago, and Impossible Germany. Oh Impossible Germany. Every time I've seen this song performed live I feel like it has to be the BEST performance of it that's every happened. It was no different tonight. I think this has become one of my top 5 favourite Wilco songs and I just feel it deep down in my core. Nels killed it. Absolutely. Crushed. It. I was totally surprised with the acoustic set up for the encore. I loved the contrast from the main sets wall of sound to this striped down folky set. Everything was perfect for me. I loved Pat's banjo flourishes, Nels' lap steel, and getting to hear Misunderstood, I'm Always in Love, and It's Just That Simple was amazing. I didn't see exactly when the band came on, I think it was 9:05 pm, and they played until 11:20 pm. Jeff didn't do much talking at all...it might be the quietest show from him I've ever seen, but he said they were just trying to fit in as much music as possible. I'll take it. I feel so grateful to have seen this amazing band again and to have shared it was a great audience!
  2. Ditto. I'm hypnotized by One Sunday Morning.
  3. Wow. I didn't really have any expectations for what the new album would sound like, but I think this is pretty fantastic after the first listen. The only song that I didn't really connect with was Sunloathe. Art of Almost is an amazing opener and One Sunday Morning is kind of breathtaking.
  4. Super excited!!! I just bought tickets to the show in Vancouver So far I'm really liking the new album...it's getting better and better with each listen.
  5. Congrats Bruins. You were the better team this time.
  6. Hmmm...I don't actually remember that sequence, but I'll take you're word for it then. I guess I kind of tend to doubt some of the generalizations that the Sedins are "floppers" because most of the people who say that or the reporters who write about it don't actually watch a lot of Canucks hockey. I feel like its a self-perpetuating myth put out there by Eastern media sources who don't focus on the West. It's an easy storyline to put out there. Have the Sedins exaggerated hits/contact? Probably. Do other players as well? Probably. Are the Sedins amazing players with a tonne of skill and ability. Yep, but I don't think they get the credit they deserve in the media.
  7. Yes, the biting was pretty unclassy (although I still laughed a little when I saw it) but the Bruins taunted and responded to that in a manner that lacked class as well. Again, emotions get the best of all players some of the time and they do stupid things, from BOTH teams. As for the Sedins, I really don't know what you're referring too. They haven't been flopping all over the ice and/or exaggerating things. Do you have an example of what you mean?
  8. Although I understand everyone being upset over the hit, I truly believe that the majority of hockey players do not go in for a hit to cause serious harm. Yes, they want to finish their hits and knock guys on their asses and bang them up all to hell, but I don't believe that the intent to cause serious injury is there. Perhaps I am being too naive...? I've watched every Canucks game this season since the beginning of November and I've seen Rome play throughout the season. He's not a thug. He doesn't target vulnerable players. He made a really shitty decision to step up on Horton, but if he hit him as soon as the puck was released then it would have been a legal, north/south hit. I think the 4 games suspension is fair because I don't like seeing anyone from any team get hurt and I hope they are able to make the game a little bit safer. For all of you who continue to call the Canucks and Rome disrespectful/dirty players, just go back to the Chara/Pacioretty hit and think about your own reactions to it. Did you excuse it just because you're a Boston fan? If the positions were reversed and it was Chara stepping up for a late hit on Kesler with the same results, I bet most of you would be celebrating the hit and saying it was a good hockey play. All teams make bad hits and take bad hits throughout the entire season and playoffs. You can't demonize one team over the other. Just my opinion.
  9. I think 4 games is fair but the league needs to continue with this and be CONSISTENT in their suspensions. I hope the Canucks make the right adjustments and take game 4. They seem to be able to bounce back after a bad loss.
  10. I didn't like the hit on Horton at all. Rome went in way too late. I hope Horton is ok. I do hope that Ballard gets in the line-up next game. I think he's a way smarter player than Rome, even if he takes more risks. Seeing Thomas knock Sedin off his ass was pretty funny, even though I'm a Canucks fan. It should be an interesting game on wednesday.
  11. Should be an exciting game!!! Can't wait for it to start! Go Canucks
  12. Wow! What a crazy game tonight. I think San Jose definitely put their best game on the ice tonight, but the Canucks got that amazing bounce in the 2nd OT. I was watching the game downtown on a big screen outside the CBC building. I think there must have been several thousand people at that spot and it was electric. When Kesler got that goal with 14 seconds left in the 3rd the entire city erupted! And then Bieksa the Beast gets the game winning goal and everyone goes insane. I'm so excited to see who they play in the Stanley Cup Finals. Can't wait!!! :dancing
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