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  1. Handy Park, Beale Street. Lips are trying for Guinness book record for 8 shows in 24 hours, currently held by Jay Z...the 'tour' started in Memphis today at 4pm, introduced by the mayor...amazing, short set, including jelly, ego tripping, a new song "youre a weird chick", ya ya song, and first time ever performance of summertime off yoshimi. A great show, just thought youd all like to know about it. tour ends in new orleans in 24 hours.
  2. Ahhhh...so 330 is more like a casino...make sense. J
  3. Somebody check me, but I'm pretty sure a 335 with a trapeze is a 330...one example I know of, Ed o'brien from radiohead plays one.
  4. The input jack functions as the circuit switch when a cable is plugged into it. Were the jack bad, it would be a relatively easy fix/replacement. I have done it on a tr-2. Aside from that possibility, it is probably time to go shopping. Sry man. J
  5. That is what we call d modal tuning, I believe...or, as Neil young says, "tune your e strings t d, and act as if nothing ever happened..." Love using the tuning, I use dbdgbd some too...
  6. Happy to help...just want make sure I understand your last post there... That board pic of mine was from over a year ago, and is a little more simplified now. I only run one line for guitar...If I go from one guitar to another, I just unplug and plug the new one in. On gigs where I play electric and acoustic, the electric goes thru the effects on the board to my amp, and I run the acoustic thru the exciter, and sometimes a delay, to the PA. The exciter works well on it's own, off board, as a DI ( as would the LR Baggs PADI I mentioned). The Baggs m1a has a battery and preamplifier built in
  7. Heya man...I have dealt with this issue for years, as generally more of an acoustic player than an electric...how ever this various a lot because I'm in a band, and choices change from song to song... For me to really advise, you d have to remind me of what guitar we are talking about, what kind of gigs you play and whether you are solo. That asked, what I have found the best sounding and most flexible set up is a LR Baggs m1a sound hole pickup (very good)...if you feel youd like more tonal variance, that pick up has a stereo jack with which you can add a second source. I mix my Baggs wit
  8. I'm curious what's in everyone's mic cabinet... My current collection: shure sm7b, ev re20, akg 414,(2) akg 5900c, akg d112, akg c900, akg perception 220, (3) akg d3800s, blue encore 100 and 200s, shure 58s, shure 300 ribbon mic I'm saving for a blue mouse... I use grace m101 preamps mostly How bout y'all?
  9. Oh, nice unit...I wish I'd gone that route, rather than the persons firestudio I have now...
  10. My main electric is a 1961 guild t50 arch top, and I use .11s with a wound G, usually dean Markley or d'adarrios My acoustics are a 1964 guild m20 and a Martin SWOMGT, both strung with custom lights (heavy bottom .11s) My fender jazz bass always has flatwounds I play six string banjo with silk and steels the gauge on acoustics and electrics is relative to playing style and tone...I kind of disagree with lamrods assertion that on acoustics it doesn't matter much....for example, I bend the hell out of string on my acoustics. Also, gauge and tension are hugely important on smaller bodied aco
  11. OK...Ill start by saying I do A LOt of audio engineering. I cant answer many questions without knowing your mic choices, interface, etc...fill us in. How many mics were used on drums? Did you go direct on the bass?? How did you mic the piano and guitar? How do you plan on doing vocals? All these need to be answered before I can give you much. A few generic tips, after listening to your mixes, cool stuff reminds me a bit of Nick Drake...take them however you want. its not all that bad a mix, but you are right it sounds muddy... Kick: Id add a gate, eq out everything over 350
  12. and, fucking around with an unrehearsed cover of radiohead...
  13. Freaking great idea! I'd be in ti it...might even have a couple to throw out there. Start it up. J
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