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  1. Are you confusing it with Dylan (A Fool Such As I)? Even if you are, that's got some fantastic songs on it too. As for Self Portrait, I play it more than every other Dylan album (apart from John Wesley Harding). On the whole, it has a brilliant sound to it, and the session musicians are about as good as it gets, too. Acutally, I'd rate Belle Isle and Copper Kettle as two of my favourite recordings from him across his entire career. I've said on here a number of times that this is the one period I'd love to see a bootleg series release from him. Anyway, I'd, therefore, say it's probably overrated by me. I can't be bothered to do an underrated list. I wouldn't know where to begin. I think it can be annoying when people have to give up making music because they can't make ends meet (if that qualifies as underrated), but as I don't take a cut of any of their profits I don't really care how many people know about / don't know about, admire or hate any given thing. in the modern world if people are good they can make music themselves and distribute it so even having no money is really such a great barrier as it was.
  2. yeah, that's great too. i think that pisces, aquarius was their best album all round, and the fact that they did most of it themselves makes it even better.
  3. that's always been my favourite of his http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQjA5rDFMjo he does look like a complete gimp in this video, but i like the fact he doesn't mind one bit that mike nesmith is taking the piss out of him throughtout the whole song
  4. yeah, good point. i should have said "british" - which is what the original title was in the thread (and what i was trying to help define), rather than britain. british does refer to the people of northern ireland as well. where as the british isles, as you said, means mainland britain. so whereas you thought i was a whole country incorrect, i was in fact 3 letters incorrect in my statement. glad that's all sorted - these little errors do niggle somewhat.
  5. this: http://smalltownpleasures.blogspot.com/ but, i don't read it - just get the music. the author must spend an absolute fortune on buying japanese pressings of all those albums
  6. As a lot of you seem unsure - 'Britain' actually means England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. Unless the topic-maker meant 'English Bands' and said that by a mistake. Anyway, assuming it's correct: The Beatles Fairport Convention (including Sandy Denny solo, and early Richard Thompson with his wife - cheating, i know) The Kinks The Super Furry Animals (including solo Gruff - cheating) The Incredible String Band Van Morrison Led Zeppelin Bert Jansch (including Pentangle - more cheating) Brian Eno (including early Roxy Music - and yet more cheating) John Cale
  7. can i recommend this documentary series to people. it's 3 parts, all an hour long http://www.archive.org/details/AdamCurtis-AllWatchedOverByMachinesOfLovingGrace here's a little taster clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGHl5dKrnHk the third episode (the monkey in the machine and the machine in the monkey) is probably the most enteraining of them all (which is the clip above) it was made by adam curtis for the bbc, last year - probably the best thing the bbc has put out in a good few years. not that this has anything to do with obama
  8. good. well, it's all on the up and up for gm then! they have done well having achieved record profits and paying off ALL of the $50 Billion they were given. the government must have made a right killing there too, as they own 60% of the company stock, and shares must be soaring, as the company has done so well. it's actually quite a good way for the government to invest your taxes, if that's the case. it would be wise to encourage them to do that sort of thing some more. as for the "system" collapsing and everyone being fine. no not everyone will be fine, but not everyone is fine now. some people starve and some people live in luxury - i don't see how things could get any worse for those currently starving, there is even a strong chance that things will get better. what past political or economic (or whatever you want to call them) systems do you class as superior to the current one? if you're so sure things will get worse - you must have some precedent from the past to be so fearful.
  9. weren't General Motors bailled out by the American Government? (sorry, i'm english so I only have a hazy memory of these things). if so, how does that actually all calculate out: they are making record profits, but how much do they owe for the bailout? in the real world you wouldn't be discussing financial success until you actually got out of the red. in the uk, the news the other day was that unemployment figures recently went up to the same levels as you. now i don't think the news was making the comparison in a positive light there. i think you've got a long way to go before your employment figures are considered worthy of a western style economy. i don't know about your energy exports etc... the world is not coming to an end, i think everyone with a vested interest will prop it up for a little longer, but at some point i can see a collapse of the system. that doesn't mean the world will end. people will carry on like they always do, as happens when any political or economic system draws to a close. in some ways it amazes me that the average person would not actually want this to happen as, historically, the subsequent system tends to be an improvement on the one before - there is merely a power shift (which, again, should only worry the very few people who currently hold that power) . . . and obama is not the anti-christ he's merely a political light-weight in a world of political light-weights - as james brown would say, "he's like a dull knife, just ain't cuttin'. he's talkin loud and sayin' nothin'!" watching the politicians in europe trying to solve the greek crisis would make for a great screwball comedy, if it weren't so sad the effect it was all having on the greek people. the idea that politicians hold any sway in this gobalised world can all be disproven by watching that crisis pan out - as they keep throwing money at the greeks and the markets don't respond in the way they hope, so they all sit around again and plan a slightly different way of throwing money towards them. i'm sure obama would be able to solve it though, he's got a great throwing arm.
  10. No, not really. That was just the still image - it's a link to a documentary program. Can we click on it? Yes We Can!
  11. That was quite a good program. I'm surprised any of that stuff would be any great shock to people, though. Apart from the bit where the traumatised little girl says her mum cooked her a rat. If you were feeding your kid rat you'd make a point of hiding the fact to your kid, wouldn't you? That shocked me. Anyway . . . "Can We Eat Rats?" . . . "Yes We Can!"
  12. also you can get the Nick Drake fans hooked by this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LodNb-8FzjE
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XFDdOIDZnQ who can hate that?
  14. I'd recommend checking out The Best Of The Wailers (which isn't really the best of the wailers - it's an album which the called "the best of the wailers" it's just coincidence that it is the best of the wailers), it's not really reggae - it's rocksteady, though. It's produced by Leslie Kong. That's an example of the sound, above. Also, there's Soul Revolution Part II and Soul Rebels (which were produced by Lee Perry and show the roots of reggae being made). Both of them are also good, but The Best Of The Wailers is really the most enjoyable album, from start to finish.
  15. Do you mean Small Talk? That's the last album with the band, although Sly kept the name. Apart from Nirvana (who I don't like, but were definately getting better before Kurt Cobain died), everyone on that list have significantly gone, or went, downhill from their best work during their history. Quite a few of them went, or are, far worse than Sly and The Family Stone, even if you do include the stuff Sly did after the band broke up. Another one of my favourite American bands are The Turtles, although they weren't really very influential: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfKmKjykJXk
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