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  1. ction


    That’s typically when I get banned
  2. ction


    This place still exists. Far out...
  3. ction


    I swear to god that Hanrahan is gonna get a kick to the stones the next time I see his mopey face. Guy always looks like he's waiting for the bus.
  4. You shouldn't put anything of mine in your mouth. Not even my words.
  5. ction


    This board needs an enema.
  6. The ones with Jay Bennett are better than the ones without Jay Bennett. Of the albums without Jay Bennett, the one with Brian Henneman is better than the ones without Brian Henneman,
  7. The dude is 70. "Boo!" might be enough.
  8. I saw him in October. Killer show.
  9. ction


    I'm currently in negotiations to join the Trump administration. Exact title TBD.
  10. ction


    I have grown to appreciate this album over time.
  11. So apparently, unrepentant folliclists are now emboldened to do their thing in Trump's America.
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