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  1. Whatever happened to Leroy? Is he still involved with music is some capacity?
  2. I've downloaded Springsteen shows through Nugs before, but haven't streamed anything. I also saw where Jason Isbell has starting putting shows up on there as well. Do you know if the Springsteen and Isbell shows are available to stream also? Might be worth the subscription now that Wilco is on there.
  3. I'm a huge fan of Star Wars. It was the loud, loose album I was waiting for this lineup to make and I would gladly take more like it. I even loved the way they just dropped it unexpectedly and avoided the normal press, they played the whole thing top to bottom every night and let the music speak for it self. All that said, I agree that if you combine the rock of Star Wars with the song writing of Schmilco, you've got an incredible album.
  4. I think the surprise release of Star Wars a few years ago spoiled me so that I'm always hopeful they'll drop a new record unannounced, although I think sadly that was a one time thing.
  5. Also, maybe I missed something, but I saw you refer to some possible new music. I knew they'd been recording, but should we (hopefully) be expecting a new record soon?
  6. Thanks for your recaps, I appreciate the work you put into capturing everything about the show and always look forward to reading them.
  7. I Might

    A.M. Deluxe?

    For those that have already purchased, do the downloads include digital copies of the liner notes? Or have those that purchased the physical discs found download codes. Trying to decides which versions to get, thanks.
  8. I Might

    A.M. Deluxe?

    I haven't bought a CD in a long time and would really like to get the liner notes for these reissues. Does anyone know if the deluxe edition CD sets include download links or anything?
  9. Same here, I missed the stream last night and can't sign onto Dime, so if someone knows another source please let me know. Thanks.
  10. My two and half year old has always liked Springsteen, particularly late '70's stuff. Lately she's really liked Wilco (The Album), especially Wilco (The Song). It's been awesome catching her around the house singing "Wilco will love you, baby." I was very proud the other day when my wife said she asked to listen to Wilco in her car, rather than the usual top 40 Country radio she listens to.
  11. I totally agree that the time period surrounding AGIB is one that I've always wanted to know more about. It's my favorite album and with so much written regarding YHF it's surprising that there's not a little more out there. Hopefully this will shed some light on the creation of AGIB and also some of the behind the scenes stories of Pat and Nels joining up. The obsessive fan in me wants to know this stuff.
  12. I've been listening to a lot of Stones lately, mainly the Beggar's Banquet through Exile years, and wanted to know if anybody had any reccommendations for a good site to download some Stone's shows? Appreciate any help.
  13. I met Glenn, Nels, Mikhal and John last October in Nashville. They were all super nice and very cool, took some pictures and chatted for a few moments about the show. For whatever reason as my friend and I were standing for a pic with John I blurted out "are you the shortest member of Wilco?" He laughed it off and said yeah I guess I am. After he walked away my friend and I kept laughing at what a stupid comment it was. A few months later Wilco was touring in Europe and John tweeted several times about how tall everyone was an how short he felt, so maybe I was onto something.
  14. OK, here we go. Keep in mind just about anything from Let It Bleed through Exile On Main Street could make this list. In no particular order: -Tumbling Dice -Honkey Tonk Women -Dead Flowers -Loving Cup -You Can't Always Get What You Want -Beast Of Burden -Sway -Can't You Hear Me Knocking -Sweet Virginia -Happy
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