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  1. Sharing one of my favorite Xmas songs for anyone who hasn't heard it - Leroy's take on Phil Ochs' "No Christmas in Kentucky". https://soundcloud.com/benscot/got-my-bells-christmas-in The track is from Santa is Real by the Kennett Brothers & Friends (and includes covers from Jay Bennett and John Stirratt) though I think Edward Burch compiled it. As far as I know my soundcloud is the only place this song exists on the internet though I don't remember where I found it to upload it. Would love to hear the whole album if anyone knows where to find it! Happy holidays!
  2. This was also the first time I'd heard Jeff sing "Please Tell My Brother" since his mother passed. Does anyone know if this was the first time since?
  3. About 16 Nothings, I'd say. G-d shaped hole verse was sung in the more subdued style of the rest of the song, not belted out. Pretty sure everyone was expecting Acuff or Dreamer once he stepped to the stage edge, but as soon as the crowd heard "Back in your old neighborhood..." instantly the crowd began to audibly sing/chant/murmur-along. At the end, the crowd went into the multiple Nothings without missing a beat, Jeff faded out halfway through, and silently conducted the crowd the rest of the way before cueing everyone when to do "...Nothing at all...". Magic. No catharsis on the g-d shaped hole bit, but we got it in spades on the "disposable dixie cup drinker" belt-out earlier in the show.
  4. does anyone else hear genesis' "tonight tonight tonight" from 2:08 to 2:28 in this song?
  5. Exactly right. I love this song because I believe it's the only song in the band's catalog where the band can really stretch their legs in a loosely-structured arrangement. The drums, bass and keyboard parts are hypnotic together and allow Jeff and Nels to really channel something improvisatory and get as loud as they wanna be. Whatever type of day the band is having you can tell best during Spiders.
  6. I posted mp3s of Phish and the Boss on you send it. Link here. Listen after Antelope ends to hear Trey's intro of Bruce. Trey: "When I was 12 years old I went to my first concert ever. It was in Chadwick Gym in Princeton University, about a 3000 seat venue. I can't say that that concert has ever been rivaled in my mind for...I saw that concert and I thought every concert was going to be like that...exploding with energy for three straight hours, and, uh, it turned out that that wasn't always true! Tonight, all of us are going to have the incredible opportunity right now to share the stage with my boyhood hero, and still my hero today, Bruce Springsteen..." Crowd: BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE Mustang Sally, Bobby Jean, Glory Days
  7. So sad. Rest in Peace Jay. Your talents will be missed. Thanks for all the good times... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVVJux_dnps
  8. Of course it makes sense. While there's no doubt its Jeff's band, this is a supremely talented ensemble. I remember the comments a few years back from people on this board who felt Nels was underused on the last album. I agreed with that sentiment then and would have expanded it to include Glenn. Nels' range is much more on display on this album, IMO. I was in awe after seeing Glenn perform as the opener on Jeff's solo tour a few years back. His technical skills, his mastery of rhythm and yes, his subtlety, blew me away. I've figured it out though, I'm starting a political action committee: People for a More Dominant Glenn. Will be holding a fundraiser shortly, to be followed by a lengthy lobbying tour, starting July 8th at Wolf Trap.
  9. Actually Jersey Mike I'm pretty high on Ringo as a drummer. I'm usually the guy who sticks up for him in conversations about best/favorite drummers. I appreciate subtlety in art also, but I don't play drums so I don't have a good sense about how to play them subtly or otherwise. I'll give the album another listen as soon as the stream goes back up. Glenn is my favorite drummer in rock right now. I'd still like to hear Coomer rip the drums on that particular track and think Glenn's talents were underused on the album.
  10. I wrote these thoughts down after my second listen, knowing that this thread would someday appear. Verbatim from last week: "This album reminds me of a quote I heard Billy Joel give on Friday Night Videos back in the day. When asked about the Eurythmics, he said, "Interesting...little gimmicky". Aside from One Wing, Glenn is pretty much just keeping time again. Would love to hear You Never Know with Coomer on drums! Backwards guitar on You and I? Is that the Shankar reference from the Rolling Stone interview? I
  11. This is really impressive. Very funny. "Writer one, writer two, collaborating hot tones Two, four, six, eight, percent divide Pretty song, pretty film, quote yourself to Sam Jones I'll produce, you'll be fine" That might be my favorite line of all of them. Nice job!
  12. "Black Velvet" - Alannah Myles This song makes me want to lay down in traffic
  13. Hilarious. Though its actually a good story. People for a Compressed Trey
  14. OK, back to the music for a second. Having listened to all three shows, and some sets twice over, I'm reminded of the scene in IATTBYH when the band finishes playing a rocking early version of Kamera, and Jeff takes off his headphones, looks at the band and says "Uh....OK". Yes, I would be very happy if this was the level of effort and musicianship we got from the band for the rest of 2009 and beyond. Sober, rehearsed and focused. Are there three words any Phish fan would rather have associated with the band at this point? There's definitely some rust on the Trey-mobile and, dare I say it, some restraint being shown? Not a bad thing perhaps, at least until the rust wears off, especially with Page playing his ass off. Also a big fan of Trey bringing the Compressor back to his rig. He really sounded great this weekend and once the rust wears off I'm really excited about the return of the focused, "I Am Trying To Melt Your Face" (IATTMYF) Trey.
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