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  1. Thank you! Thank you! I've been neglecting this list for way too long. There's also Jeff's "Theme in Yellow" on David Nagler & Friends’ new album Carl Sandburg’s Chicago Poems http://pitchfork.com/news/67253-jeff-tweedy-interprets-carl-sandburg-poem-as-new-song-theme-in-yellow-listen/ https://soundcloud.com/davidnagler/david-nagler-friends-carl-sandburgs-chicago-poems-13-jeff-tweedy-theme-in-yellow
  2. Another new one. I need to add the two above eventually too. Random Name Generator 7" b/w Bull Black Nova (acoustic, live from Solid Sound 2015) on marble green vinyl. Preorder is up now in the Wilco store.
  3. There's also TD's CDs and LPs in the basement under Laughing Planet next to Soma Coffee. Haven't been in there in years. http://tdscdsandlps.tumblr.com/ Oh yeah! Forgot about that one. Now I can't remember which show I saw. Might have been both of them! Both during Little 500 week.
  4. The Bluebird is great. I did see Wilco at the Buskirck Chumley Theater in 1999. Not as rauckas as a Bluebird show, but it was great. Only show I saw with Jay and Ken. Place only holds about 600 people.
  5. I'll be there! 16th row, center. I live and work in Bloomington. I saw them the last time they were at the IU Auditorium in 2006 touring in support of A Ghost Is Born too. Very typical Wilco crowd even then and that was during Little 500 "The World's Greatest College Weekend" TM! I sat in the 2nd row of the balcony for that show. Fun Fact: John Stirratt's sister Betsy works for the IU School of Fine Arts. Parking is not good near the auditorium. Best bet is to park downtown and walk (about 10 blocks) or take the shuttle: http://www.iuauditorium.com/plan-your-visit/parking-information Co
  6. See you there! Bloomington Center Section Row 16!
  7. I thought that was odd too, but I needed 2 anyway so it didn't make a different. Row 16 in Bloomington!
  8. Thank you! I never got this e-mail. This helps a lot.
  9. Hey all, how do I ensure I get a copy of the pre-sale email, code and instructions fro tomorrow's ticket pre-sale? I haven't done this in a while.
  10. Has anyone received pre-sale instructions for tomorrow yet? How do I ensure I get the e-mails?
  11. Thank you! I'm surprised I missed that Live From Nowhere Near you track, because I remember when that was announced. I don't have a date. I need to revamp the whole list in light of the recent "Alpha Mike Foxtrot." There was a couple on there that I don't have listed and I need make it more clear what is and what isn't on that collection.
  12. That's my guess. It's the only officially released alternate version I'm aware of.
  13. My only complaint is the exclusion of several songs from The Whole Love (Message From Mid-Bar, Speak into the Rose, Sometimes it Happens, I Got You (alternative soundtrack version), You Never Know (7 Worlds Collide Version), Art Of Almost (ALT Version), Black Moon (Alt.), I Might (demo), and Me Avivé) I was really pleasantly surprised to see the cover songs and the live tracks. So many compilations like this don't include cover songs. And if you're going to include the live tracks, please include all of them. It includes 4 of the LP only bonus tracks from Kicking Television (Another Man's D
  14. What I find odd is that some of these are included (Another Man's Done Gone, How to Fight Loneliness, Theologians, I'm a Wheel) and some are not (Kamera, Just a Kid, Monday, Outtasite (Outta Mind))
  15. Only track I'm not sure where it came from is "What Light." This is an ablum track and it doesn't list this as Live. I not familaer with What Light being released commercially as a live track anyway. Anyone know? Several of the bonus tracks from vinyl version of Kicking Television are missing also. "Kamera" "Just a Kid" "Monday" "Outtasite (Outta Mind)"
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