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  1. F**k me for sitting, right? - A Show Review So I've been battling this inner ear thing this week that makes it difficult for me to stand for more than a few minutes at a time. But hey, that Wilco show I bought tickets to is seated, so no problem I can totally go to that! Showed up early, got to my seats around seven. They were fantastic, dead in the center, pretty much the best I've ever had at Bass Hall. Bob Schneider was amazing. Funny, poignant, delightful. I really enjoyed his set and would've been fine if he played longer. The band came out and sounded great, of course. Side with the Se
  2. That clapping thing was embarrassing. Someone should do a study on why a large group of white people can't clap to a beat without speeding it up into an eventual disaster. Jeff was even doing a visual demonstration ffs.
  3. Here's the idiot with her ipad. When Jeff called her out she said she said her phone died and he said "oh, and you just happened to have your ipad". Apparently she had no friends to inform her how ridiculous it is told hold an ipad in front the stage.
  4. This thread and this entire message board says a lot about the current Wilco fanbase and why you could walk up buy tickets at the window for the Ryman show tonight.
  5. Anyone know if the show started yet? Will the setlist be updated here?
  6. Usually we would have been all over pre-sale but my wife lost her job right before they went on sale so I decided we shouldn't partake in such a luxury at the time. She has since found a new job and I'm trying to surprise her with tickets to the 10/22 show. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Wilco 6/22/2013 Solid Sound Fest http://www.wfuv.org/listen I Got You (At The End Of The Century) Dawned On Me Box Full of Letters At My Window Sad And Lonely Forget the Flowers (with julian lage) She's a Jar You Are My Face One Sunday Morning Art of Almost I Might Summer Teeth Candyfloss I'm Always In Love Sunken Treasure Far Far Away Via Chicago Impossible Germany Born Alone Not for the Season Passenger Side Whole Love Can't Stand It Heavy Metal Drummer I'm the Man Who Loves You Encore: A Shot In the Arm California Stars Just a Kid Dreamer in My Dreams
  8. I wish you had PM'd me. I only look on this board once a day. I'm sorry but I just sold these
  9. Does anyone know if the tickets will be hard tickets by mail or e-tix? Also, when will they be shipped or emailed? Thanks
  10. So, we have tickets to Solid Sound but I can't find a hotel anywhere. Every single one I tried is booked. Am I SOL? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'd hate to have to eat these tickets.
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