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  1. What is the best album or best place to start?
  2. Love this song... My trend with the record seems to be I have a favorite song for a while, depending on the day, and then it changes. This became my favorite for a few days, but I loved it every time I heard it. I speak in past tense because I have abstained from listening to my leak ever since the stream was taken down.
  3. Section of Bull Black Nova starting at about 2:26, with John's amazing bassline...
  4. Please delete this thread. Too much discussion of an already stupid statement...
  5. Check the website...it is true... every pre order activates a download of the album on 320 kbps
  6. Oh no problem at all my man, just seeing if that was some crazy new leak or something hahaha
  7. Why did you post that? That was the leaked copy, but it said the file had been removed or something
  8. Am I correct in saying that only Nonesuch offers the complimentary download of the entire album on audiophile quality mp3?
  9. Anyone who pre-ordered from Kung Fu nation willing to...help? I ordered from Nonesuch but I would really like that high quality mp3.. andy.leach@whitfieldschool.org Edit: Will pay with good vibes and the maddest props imaginable
  10. Bridge School Benefit Concert.. they also played I'll Fight
  11. the topic here was why it leaked so fast... that died by the end of the second page...sad...
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