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  1. Muzzle of Bees You are my Face One Wing
  2. You Are My Face Shot in the Arm One Wing Via Chicago CA Stars Poor Places> Spiders
  3. Is it too early to start wondering if/when the annual benefit shows will be at the Vic? Anyone have any inside information?
  4. This song never disappoints in concert. I love when guitar work throughout the song especially when Jeff and Pat play off each other. I thought I read somewhere that the song was about how -ucked up some of the things Germany and Japan did during WW2 and that it is kind of an example that anything is possible and that no country/or person is immune to doing crazy shit if left unchecked.
  5. These should be announced soon (assuming he is doing them)? Right?
  6. Has anyone had any difficulty getting the downloads from their iTunes to their iPods? For some reason, when I sync my iPod, the show doesn't come over to the iPod? any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. This is impossible but here goes. I think since I haven't overplayed the newer ones yet, they may be higher on my list. 10-One Wing 9-Bull Black Nova 8-War on War 7-You are my Face 6-Art of Almost 5-Handshake Drugs 4-One Sunday Morning 3-Impossible Germany 2-Via Chicago 1-Spiders
  8. Amazing show! I have no idea how they will be able to top that show. Mavis was a complete surprise to me. I think it's so cool how the band can share the spotlight with its heros. Can't wait to see them tonight!!
  9. What's the deal with these pre-sales? Will I need a password to buy tickets? If so, where can I find the password? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. "The ash tray says, you were up all night"
  11. Ok, since these shows aren't posted on the Wilco website, I am not sure how to request songs for the shows. Let's make those requests here, even if there is a .00002% chance that our requests make it to Jeff. I only have one request: Bull Black Nova The song is epic, I have no idea how it would sound on the acoustic, it might not sound good at all. However, that is what I thought about Spiders, and Jeff's acoustic redition of Spiders is pretty awesome in my opinion.
  12. I liked the album a lot. How come Bull Black Nova doesn't get more attention? I think that song is brilliant.
  13. I forgot to mention Jeff's best quote of the night after he was having trouble with the Late Greats and tuning his guitar. He said, "Rahm is much more prepared to be mayor than I am for this show, which isn't saying much." I bet there were some Rahm supporters there that had never heard of Jeff and weren't impressed considering he stopped mid way through the Late Greats. Little do they know that they were watching one of the best (if not best) singer/songwriters playing today.
  14. I live 2 blocks from the Park West, so I decided to go at the last minute as well. Apparently, Rahm introduced the best "band" in Chicago not realizing that Wilco wasn't about to take the stage. Rahm mentioned how great the "band" was a few different times in his intro. Clearly, Rahm is not that familiar with Jeff's work and has no idea how amazing Jeff is. So, Jeff opened by saying, "it's just me." The political rhetoric was at a minimum, maybe 3 minutes in all. Jeff played for about 50 minutes, and I think 10 of those minutes he spent tuning his guitar. Or the tuning was some sort of
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