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  1. I think if theres a company that is operates within your ethics I'd say give them that song to make that money. Who cares
  2. I also heard an acoustic version of "Out of Sight" on a Bush's beans commercial last night. Probably compensating for lost revenue of not being on the road. Get these guys back on tour haha
  3. Cam Jones


    Bullmoose did get more copies, had a friend who works there set aside one for me. So stoked! Much better than Warm in my opinion.
  4. Still sort of a bit of an amateur but I've been shooting with a Canon 5D since the late summer and I'm really loving it and got some decent shots towards the end of the year These two are from a Manchester Orchestra show in Asbury Park https://www.flickr.com/photos/160694550@N02/40193419923/in/album-72157676670664647/ - https://www.flickr.com/photos/160694550@N02/47158312251/in/album-72157676670664647/ This one is of my buddy Ian who plays in a local band Murcielago. Def worth your time! -https://www.flickr.com/photos/160694550@N02/46434744324/in/album-72157676670664647/
  5. where in the world can i get this Giveash*t beanie????????
  6. https://weakenedfriends.bandcamp.com/ my band just dropped a new single ft. J Mascis on led guitar! check it!
  7. I'm not quite sure John lives in Portland. I live here and am out and about quite a bit I think he lives up mid-coast. But he does post a lot of Maine attractions on instragram. I also scanned his ticket at the Spoon show a couple weeks back at the State Theatre. Great show! Perfect night. Thompsons Point is a great spot. Did anybody notice that they are playing things slower lately? I'm sure its gotta be conscious discussion
  8. got mine today! the packaging is ripped at the top slightly which is a bummer but the vinyl is in tact. Just got a new set up so im pumped to listen on vinyl!
  9. Solid Sound 2013 - My friend and I went together, hit up a walmart to buy some supplies - chips, salsa, cheddarwurst, and 30 rack of Coors Light. We woke up feeling really dehydrated the second day after sleeping at the Solid Ground campsite but immediately started cookin' cheddarwurst and drinking Coors Light at around 9am. Only to have the mayor of North Adams drop by. "hey guys! What're you up to?" "Drinking beer and eating cheddarwurst" "...really?" Nice guy. talked to him for a few mins about how the festival is helping the local economy. Great time
  10. Trillium is great! I also know the guys from Highroller Lobster Co. used to live below them in my last apartment here in Portland, ME. Awesome! Speaking of Portland there's a great brewery called Bissell Brothers that is absolutely killing it. Great unfiltered hop bombs. My favorite beers hands down.
  11. my pink vinyl sounds awesome.
  12. Elbow. They put out an official B-side record thats really great. And there's a bootleg B-side album with more stuff called Arse
  13. he has a plastic tube that goes into one of his drums. When he blows into it, the air pressure changes the pitch of the drum. glad you got to pee
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