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  1. Unfortunately like the movie around which the story centers I found it to be overrated. It pains me to admit that because I love Gary Oldman.
  2. I hope someone steps up and challenges him for this seat. Ideally someone from within his own party would run against him, but who knows if that will happen? Florida seems to be a very frightening place. A Florida woman says a "baby dinosaur" was caught on surveillance video running through her yard
  3. I logged four miles on a treadmill and cycled for 30 minutes last night after my second Pfizer shot. I feel fine. My arm isn't even sore like it was after my first shot.
  4. A.M. - "Box Full of Letters" Being There - "Outtasite (Outta Mind)" Mermaid Avenue - "California Stars" Summerteeth - "I'm Always in Love" Mermaid Avenue, Vol. II - "Secret of the Sea" Yankee Hotel Foxtrot - "Pottle Kettle Black" A Ghost Is Born - "The Late Greats" Sky Blue Sky - "Hate It Here" Wilco (The Album) - "Sonny Feeling" The Whole Love - "One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)" Star Wars - "Taste the Ceiling" Schmilco - "Someone to Lose" Ode to Joy - "Love Is Everywhere (Beware)"
  5. Lord willin' and the creek don't rise...I look forward to seeing your faces next year.
  6. For those who observe the holiday I hope everyone here has had a wonderful Easter. And for those who don't I hope you've enjoyed a spring weekend filled with relaxation. Let's hope that this time next year will feel a lot more normal. Hope to see y'all at a show down the road.
  7. I like how you think. My second shot is on April 15. The first thing I can't wait to do is to go to a baseball game. I wish I lived in a city with a MLB team (especially Chicago, a city I love), but I'll be just as happy to be at my local minor league team's games this summer. The charitable organization with which I'm involved, Hogs for the Cause, is planning on putting on a very scaled back version of its annual BBQ festival benefitting pediatric brain cancer. When I heard a rumor at the end of the year that it was happening, I laughed it off. Now that it's definite I'm getting so excited. O
  8. Last night's show was so fun. I've missed a good number of shows lately due to working late and taking the chance of going to the gym late due to blood pressure issues. It was a perfect way to celebrate (Is that the right word to use in describing the past year?) the show's one-year anniversary.
  9. One of my law school classmates in Mississippi knew him and had been posting about his disappearance and the sad ending to the search for him. It seems that he touched the lives of a lot of people. I'm sad that I didn't know him. Godspeed to him and sending my condolences to all who were fortunate enough to know him.
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