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  1. The Psychedelic Furs with Evan Dando opening
  2. Absolutely incredible. I don't know why I always go into a Cure concert with modest expectations. They never fail to blow me away. For years I've heard that Robert and the band have an affinity for New Orleans. That seemed apparent last night. I've never seen him so playful and animated on stage. It helped that a friend had an extra ticket on the second row, which gave me a sweet upgrade from my 100-level seat. They had two encores and played 29 songs, two of which hadn't been performed live in decades. My fandom had kinda lapsed over time, but it may have been reignited last night.
  3. Gearing up for tomorrow night's show in NOLA.
  4. In honor of Willie's 90th birthday.
  5. @Chez, the show was so good! I already liked them because of their new album, which may be my favorite of 2023 at year's end. Their performance blew me away. They were in a good mood tonight and did a few shots on stage. After the show they hung around talking to people in the crowd. I saw a couple of days ago that they'll be opening some shows for Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit later this year. I deifinitely think they're going places.
  6. Will do. I'm also digging their new album, and I'm excited about tonight's show. They're playing at Gasa Gasa, a very intimate venue in New Orleans. It's sold out, so I'm sure I'll feel like a sardine. Still I'm expecting a fun evening.
  7. swamp pop legend Tommy McLain
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