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  1. Watched Get Back last night and today and loved it. That footage is priceless.
  2. Another new song from their forthcoming album. I absolutely love this one. Very much looking forward to hearing the entire record. Wild
  3. I've been stuck inside with COVID, so last weekend I binge-watched The Mandalorian. It's entertaining enough although the writing is kinda bad at times. Alll in all I can't complain because it gave me something entertaining to watch while convalescing.
  4. I'm not trying to scare anyone because I'm particularly susceptible to respiratory illnesses. And when I get them they're usually more severe, as I have a lifetime of respiratory ailments since birth. With that said I'm pretty sure I have COVID, and I should know for certain tomorrow. Assuming I have Omicron, this stuff has been pretty awful over the past four days. Monday wasn't so bad because my only symptom was muscle aches. Tuesday through Today, however, have been rough. I'd been really good and avoided large crowds of people for nearly two years until last Saturday. I wanted to see my la
  5. Ordered! I've been looking forward to seeing the film. Since I'll be stuck inside with the 'rona, I'm especially excited about having something to look forward to.
  6. I was in great shape going into the second half of 2021. Then I kinda lost all discipline. This year I want to get back into shape. It's a process and not a particularly enjoyable one. But I'll feel so much better. I also want to read more books this year.
  7. I'm not going to SBS, but I do have COVID (probably - I have an appointment for testing later this week) and signed the petition. Hope it works out for everyone. I'm pretty sure I have Omicron, and this stuff is spreading like wildfire!
  8. Built To Spill Spoon Yo La Tengo New Pornographers Pinegrove Mitski Swamp Dogg And I'm hoping from something new by the Decemberists.
  9. Merry Christmas to our fearless leader and to everyone at VC! Sending lots of love to y'all today and in the new year. Fingers crossed Solid Sound will happen and I will see lots of your faces there!
  10. I haven't listened to a lot of new stuff this year. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I'm approaching 50 and am quite set in my ways at this point. In no particular order (aside from the first one because that Connells album is phenomenal considering the lost two members and that 20 years passed since their last album) here are a few of my faves: The Connells - Steadman's Wake Japanese Breakfast - Jubilee Sturgill Simpson - Cuttin' Grass Vol. 2 Connie Smith - The Cry of the Heart Charley Crockett Music City USA Elizabeth King - Living in the Last Day
  11. Tix procured! Looking forward to seeing old friend and making some new ones in May!
  12. I'm thinking the 3-day pass is probably the best choice for me.
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