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  1. A day late but went to the sold out New Order show in NOLA last night. Definitely a bucket list concert for me. Wish Peter Hook had been with them but it was still a fantastic evening.
  2. Two enjoyable films. Having finally seen all of this year's Best Picture nominees, I still feel that Everything Everywhere All at Once is my favorite, but this year's group of nominees includes some excellent films. The Banshees of Inisherin may be my runner up.
  3. Very much enjoyed this movie and laughed out loud occasionally. It's so over the top at times that it's hilarious. But it also makes the viewer do some thinking. It did seem a bit tedious at times, but overall I'm a fan of this film.
  4. If you ever get a chance to see them live I highly recommend it. I have a clip of their performance of this song from their show in New Orleans a few years ago. They allowed a huge portion of the audience to get on stage and dance while they played. It was so joyful.
  5. This movie seemed a bit long, but as someone who unfortunately has personal experience dealing with narcissists I found this movie to be both powerful and triggering. Kate Blanchett absolutely nailed Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Kudos to her on a fantastic performance.
  6. I need to read a plot explanation or some form of "cliff notes" to gain an understanding of what I watched. But I can't stop thinking about how uniquely brilliant it is.
  7. I'm not sure I understood a bit of it, but it was still quite an experience. As much as I want to be put off by it, I find myself loving it.
  8. I'm listening to the tribute on XRT now. Great content. Currently they're playing a recording from Lin's childhood band (the Roundabouts). As a huge fan of all things Chicago, I was sad to learn about his passing. Stupid cancer.
  9. An emotionally powerful movie. It's films like this that make me go to the theater. Brendan Fraser is incredible. Not sure what the competition will be but he's a serious contender for Best Actor. Great performances in the supporting roles, too.
  10. I've read some pretty low remarks about both her and her father in the wake of her death. I prefer to focus on their humanity. My favorite story of those I've happened upon took place during Lisa Marie's childhood. After Lisa Marie told her father that she'd never seen snow, Elvis had his private plane readied and flew his little girl to Idaho so she could see snow. There they played outside for about 30 minutes before flying back to Memphis. Some may whine that it's just an example of a privileged childhood, but I see it as an example of a daddy's love for his daughter. I hope that Lisa Marie
  11. I'm hopeful there will be new music from the Decemberists.
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