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  1. I came here to wonder outloud / into the void about what the recent moves outdoors mean for Jeff's solo shows in Brooklyn. I either need to get comfortable being uncomfortable (and find a place to stay and think about a way to get there), or bail on these shows. Part of me wants the shows postponed or cancelled so that I don't need to think about it.
  2. Sorry - sold them late this afternoon! I'll delete/ close the post. Good luck finding tickets.
  3. Hi - selling 2 to the MassMOCA benefit SUNDAY show. I moved my tickets from the Saturday to the Sunday show but still probably won't make the drive from Boston. Early bird pricing.
  4. Thanks for the great write-up as always. Sad to be missing this - especially with that kind of set list, Courtney Barnett, and YLT coming up.
  5. We Were Lucky is truly amazing live. And this live version of Laminated Cat is the best I can remember. There's so much intensity in both those songs - I was exhausted after each. Between the 2 Boston shows, I have to say I enjoyed the first night a bit better (in the context of both being incredibly enjoyable). Perhaps it was just that it was the first time hearing most of the OTJ songs as full-band versions (and most of them for the first time altogether), but I also just really enjoyed the first 1:00-1:10 of the first night where the entire setlist seemed all-tension, no-release. Nigh
  6. Re: the "graffiti guitar" - that's the same one he used on most OTJ songs in Boston. Before Boston, I hadn't seen it - pretty sure it was not at Solid Sound.
  7. Jeff was great at Newport. I didn't write down the setlist. Banter highlight for me was as he introduced Don't Forget: "Oh what a beautiful day. Here’s a song about my dead dad" I was also at the Mavis aftershow. It was stellar - a real highlight overall of the weekend. Jeff sat in on Who Told You That. They had set up a mic for him but he didn't say anything or speak, which I thought was a bit odd ... also thought it a bit odd he didn't sit in a bit more given their relationship, but everyone was 1 song and out that night, and I'm not complaining. I have the setlist from M
  8. Katie Crutchfield was pop-up-only in 2017 I think?
  9. Bull Moose in Maine got more copies, I just bought one online a moment ago.
  10. Does Pat post his upcoming sessions/sit-ins/collaborations anywhere?
  11. Correct - they did subbed out New Madrid and did We've Been Had in its place.
  12. It's depressing to be done with this year's Newport Folk Festival and not have next year's Solid Sound on the calendar yet. I'd be much happier if this weekend's "summer hiatus" email had given any hints/reassurances that SS would return in 2017.
  13. sorry, sold earlier this afternoon. I'll close/delete the topic. Good luck!
  14. I have one extra Orchestra seat for the Saturday Boston show. Orch row G left-center, 5 seats off the main aisle. Make an offer!
  15. Last night's times were William Tyler at 8 for about 30 minutes, then Wilco at 9, and off stage around 11:30p.
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